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Our busiest center doubled in size and has been completely redesigned with the patient in mind. To make an appointment here, call 1-888-743-7526.

Watch this video to learn what you need to know about testing for sexually transmitted infections. (Hint: testing is quick and easy)

A new study from Planned Parenthood found that people's definitions of sexual consent vary dramatically. Read more about this study and what you need to know about consent.

New mail-in test screens for chlamydia & gonorrhea at home. Discreetly packaged & delivered to you. Accurate & secure electronic results, plus a prescription or referral as needed. Our mobile app costs $129.

Ask Planned Parenthood your urgent questions about STD testing, the morning-after pill, abortion, and pregnancy testing. Get live answers from a real person.

Know a special Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Certified Midwife who would like to relocate to our new center in El Centro, CA? Send them our way!

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