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Clinical Research

Be a part of the forefront of reproductive and sexual health care by participating in a clinical research study with Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. 

New and Better Care

When you volunteer for a clinical trial at Planned Parenthood, you’re helping clinicians, scientists, and researchers develop new treatments and medications to better care for people.

A clinical trial is a research study that might test the effectiveness of a new form of birth control or method of providing health care. As a volunteer participant of any study, your safety and comfort is our top priority. All of our research projects are overseen by an independent committee to ensure you’re informed of the risks and benefits of participating and that you’re rights are protected. We want you to be fully informed about all aspects of a study before and during your involvement. And you can always end your participation at any time. 

Current Clinical Trials

Throughout the year we participate in multiple research studies that recruit participants at our health centers. These studies typically happen alongside your regular visit and all (or most) of the research activities do not require any follow up visits.

We also participate in longterm clinical trials, where participants will return to a health center for multiple visits over a period of time.

At your visit, you may be asked if you are interested in hearing about an active research study opportunity.

CURRENT TRIAL: Exploring Equity and Care Supplying Contraception through Telemedicine among Patients Who Speak Spanish: A Mixed-Method Study

The objective of this study is to explore telemedicine for contraception care, and narrow the focus to the experience of patients who speak Spanish and their experience with contraception telemedicine visits.

The aim is to inform implementation strategies that can ensure that telemedicine is person-centered, accessible, and equitable, and involves local stakeholders from the LatinX community to participate in study design.


If you are age 17 to 20 and have visited a Planned Parenthood health center, you may be eligible to participate in the BEAM Health study!


Contact our Research Programs staff at 619-881-5088 or [email protected]

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