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For Teens

teenREACH (Real Education About Choices for our Health) is PPKY's peer education program, currently being piloted in Louisville with plans to implement a Lexington program in 2009. Participating youth take part in an initial 28-hour training focused on issues ranging from anatomy and reproduction to healthy relationships and safer sex. teenREACH educators then work to educate their peers through formal presentations and everyday conversation.

Become a Volunteer. There are many ways teens can help PPKY in our mission to provide quality, affordable health care, educate the community about reproductive health, and advocate for reproductive justice, while also completing service hours and gaining valuable work experience. Volunteer tasks range from assisting with administrative work to creating educational displays to simply sharing experiences, opinions and suggestions.

Stay informed! One of the simplest ways to help out is to keep yourself informed about reproductive justice issues and then to share that information with friends and family. Luckily, PPKY can help! Look for us on Facebook and MySpace, where we post regular updates on the latest news related to reproductive health both in Kentucky and across the U.S.! Or sign up for our mailing list at [email protected]and receive updates in your inbox.

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For Teens