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Our Vision and DEI Commitment

Our Vision and DEI Commitment

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s vision is a world of equity, where access to health care doesn’t depend on who you are or where you live.

Our commitment to “Respect and honor all people” (part of our In This Together workplace values) means we intentionally create an inclusive environment where we all feel valued, supported and can contribute our best. We celebrate and encourage diversity in all forms and promote equity through our practices, policies, systems, and behaviors. We are In This Together.

What Equity and Belonging Looks Like

We will know we have succeeded when:

  • We ensure a welcoming, inclusive environment for staff and volunteers where we all feel respected, valued and supported and can contribute our best.
  • Our practices, policies and systems promote equity among staff and volunteers.
  • All Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest staff and volunteers are skilled at working across difference, using inclusive practices, and working to reduce the effects of bias and oppression.
  • We ensure a welcoming, inclusive environment for patients and the communities we serve that considers and addresses their varied realities and needs, leading to increased health equity in our regions.
  • Our relationships with community partners are wide-ranging, collaborative, and rooted in a community-led social justice agenda.
  • Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest staff, management and Board reflect and embrace the broad diversity of the communities we serve.

Building Blocks to Equity and Belonging

Agency-Wide Equity and Belonging Objectives

​​​​​Our strategic plan centers equity and belonging, including strategies focused on health equity, workplace equity, improving community social conditions, and ensuring staff and Board have the knowledge and skills to promote equity and an In This Together culture.

Health Equity: Addressing Disparities

We are committed to actively dismantling systems of oppression that lead to poor health outcomes. That means mapping access, outcomes and experience data from our patients to identify and address disparities. Our focus is on communities affected by racism and oppression, like Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), young patients (under 25), and patients who identify as LGBTQ+.

Commitment to Black Communities

​​​​​​In spring 2020, we launched our Commitment to Black Communities in response  to the activism that took place throughout the country against racism and police violence. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest recognizes our historical role in contributing to the oppression of Black people and our role in addressing that oppression. Our Commitment to Black Communities focuses on three priorities, which are now used to shape our annual Equity and Belonging Workplan.

Pay Equity and Pay Transparency

​​​​​​Outside auditors evaluate our pay structures and policies for equity. We share with all employees how compensation is decided for new hires, salary increases and promotions, and share pay scales for all positions within the agency.

Opportunities to Learn

It takes concrete skills to bring our equity and belonging vision to life. All new staff complete a full-day training on working across differences, with reinforcements throughout the year. We host a myriad of staff-focused events to raise awareness, increase engagement and celebrate the rich diversity of our region, from dialogues to learning sessions to movie viewings in honor of cultural celebrations and monthly observances.

Inclusive Hiring Practices

​​​​​​We work hard to ensure our hiring practices proactively encourage applicants of all identities. Besides in-depth training and resources for hiring managers, we expanded minimum qualifications to encourage candidates from a variety of backgrounds to apply. Our Talent Strategy team regularly seeks strategies for engaging with diverse talent. 

Building With, Not For

Our equity and belonging work is built on input from staff, patients and community. Staff from many roles provide advice and guidance on our DEI Council. Employee resource groups bring together individuals with common interests, backgrounds or identities to shape our work. Patient satisfaction surveys, staff surveys and outcomes data help us find opportunities to improve. And our community partners provide insight into needs and trends across our region.

Crisis Response Listening Circles

​​​​​We recognize that what happens outside our walls affects our staff. In the wake of traumatic external events, the DEI team hosts Listening Circles to assist staff in processing their emotions and supporting each other.


This work builds on a strong foundation led by those who came before us, particularly Black, Indigenous and other women of color on staff and the Board who saw past our organization’s challenges to its potential.