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Share Your Story

Your Story Matters

Have you received expert, compassionate care at a Planned Parenthood health center, learned important info about sexual health from our amazing educators, or advocated with us to help protect reproductive rights? Tell us why Planned Parenthood matters to you. Your voice can make a difference. Your story will help show lawmakers, the media, and supporters just what we're fighting for in the weeks and months to come.

Alex's Story

Alex has been a patient and supporter of Planned Parenthood for 15 years. Because of sexual health stigma in her culture, she turned to Planned Parenthood to get her questions answered and to take charge of her own body.

Have a story to tell?

Some people don’t understand everything that Planned Parenthood does—from providing health care and education to advocating for reproductive rights. But you aren’t some people. You know how important Planned Parenthood is and you have a story to tell. 

Jessy's Story

This young UC Riverside student was afraid when she found out she was pregnant. She got the abortion care she needed at Planned Parenthood. Jessie is sharing her story to reduce the shame and stigma surrounding this common medical procedure.

Eboney's Story

Watch Eboney explain how Planned Parenthood came through for her when other health care providers did not.

Jacqueline's Story

Jacqueline always knew Planned Parenthood would be there for her. Now she is standing up for Planned Parenthood.

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