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Spot On — Planned Parenthood’s new period-tracking app — not only helps users manage their periods, but helps them understand their sexual health and how birth control fits into their lives.


Spot On is now available in the Android Store. The app has already been very successful in Apple’s App Store where it was a featured app. It’s been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Spot On is user-friendly, demystifies your period, and helps you stay informed about your body. Spot On is also gender-neutral and designed for anyone who gets a period, without stereotypical colors or symbols (fewer flowers, more dinosaurs – RAWR!).

We know that not everyone uses a period-tracking app in order to get pregnant or to prevent pregnancy, so Spot On provides several different features to personalize your experience. Spot On’s features include:

  • Easy tracking of your cycle in order to predict your periods
  • Birth control management (the pill, patch, ring, shot, IUD, or implant)
  • Information about menstruation and guidance (reminders, and facts from our experts)
  • Fun ways, like using emojis, to track changes in your body, mood, and activities in relation to your cycle.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when a change in your body or mood is part of your menstrual cycle, a birth control side effect, or just your body being itself.  Spot On helps everyone understand their own body; the more you use it, the better Spot On will get at predicting your own personal cycle and when your period will arrive.

Planned Parenthood is committed to providing accurate, personalized sexual health information to as many people as possible. Spot On is yet one more tool to give you the resources you need to manage your life goals, take control of your reproductive health, and stay healthy.


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