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Education and Training

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is a trusted provider of reproductive health services and education in your community.

Our education team offers engaging programs for parents and teens. And our staff can customize student education or professional training classes to meet the needs of your school or organization.

Teen Success, Inc. - Program for Young Mothers

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is a partner of Teen Success, Inc

The Teen Success, Inc. program is an 18-month program for pregnant and parenting women, ages 14-19, who have not yet graduated from high school or received a GED. 

The program includes:

  • Educational navigation and support to help young moms graduate high school
  • Parenting education to develop skills needed to nurture your child’s growth and school readiness
  • Coaching with a mentor to support goal setting, address challenges young moms may face, and connect to resources
  • A weekly Peer Learning Group where young moms come together and focus on parenting, education, health, and wellness, and self-empowerment

For questions about the program, to join or send us a referral, please call us at 408-808-1804.

To learn more about Teen Success, Inc. please visit www.teensuccess.org

Community Outreach

At various community settings—including youth-friendly sites, recovery centers, homeless shelters, group homes, community agencies, health fairs and other community events—PPMM staff conduct presentations and one-on-one outreach activities that provide information on responsible decision making skills, contraception, prevention of STDs, and how to obtain reproductive health services.

Peer Education

Youth and young adults are recruited and trained to go into communities that have very limited access to health services and provide culturally and linguistically competent information about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and access to reproductive health services.

Sex Education

PPMM offers age-appropriate presentations in schools and other community settings that are sequenced to meet the needs of the participants, and include materials from evidence-based interventions. These presentations cover comprehensive topics such as anatomy, pregnancy, contraception, sexuality transmitted infections, healthy relationships, communication, self-esteem and the pressures that can lead to premature sexual activity. 

In compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act, PPMM staff teach skills that reinforce healthy behaviors and lead to a better understanding that sexuality is a normal part of human development.

Teen Talk

This support group targets 11-14 year old girls who are at high risk of having unintended pregnancies. Designed to build self-esteem, the program provides information and activities that encourage young girls to be responsible and delay pregnancy until they at least finish high school. Facilitators lead discussions about pressure recognition and resistance, good decision-making skills, assertive communication skills, and healthy relationships.

Parent-Child Communication

These workshops provide resources that assist parents in talking with their children about reproductive health issues. Workshops are conducted in community settings and in private homes, and can include single-session or multiple-session presentations.

Comprehensive Case Management

Teen Parent Support Program (TPSP) * and Cal-Learn: Program case management services are designed to enhance the health, social and economic well-being of pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children. TPSP offers a strength based approach to case management using positive youth development tools and intervention to serve young parents and help them reach their parenting and life goals. The program offers links to community resources that promote healthy pregnancies, support effective parenting and encourage socioeconomic independence.

* Available only to residents of Santa Clara County. This program was previously called AFLP (Adolescent Family Life Program) .