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Abortion Resources

At Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, we offer both medication abortion and in-health center abortion services.  

Preparing for your Abortion and how that relates to travel 

For in-health center abortions, a person would need to spend one to two days in California. 

For medication abortions, we ask patients to agree to remain in California until completing all medication and we advise patients to return for a follow-up visit to a health center within 24 to 72 hours. 

Cost & Funding for all appointment types

Fees are based on a sliding scale and are determined by the patient’s monthly income and number of dependents. This means, you pay what you can afford. 

Bottom Line: No one will be turned away from receiving care. 

Abortion FAQ

 Can I use tampons or maxi pads after a medication or in-health center abortion? 

Using maxi pads makes it easier to tell how much you are bleeding after during and after your abortion. You can use tampons when the heavy bleeding lets up.  

What else do I need to know? 

Having a wide range of feelings is normal. Most people feel relieved and do not regret their decision. Others may feel sadness, guilt, or regret after an abortion, just as they may after having a baby. If your mood keeps you from doing the things you usually do each day, call us. We can help or send you to someone who can. 

What if I have questions after I leave the health center? 

Most people have no problems after their abortion, but we will provide you with printed information to help you remember the information we tell you. We are also here to help during or after business hours if you have any questions that you need help with at (PHONE NUMBER).  

Health Center Info

Seaside Health Center

625 Hilby Avenue Seaside, CA 93955

  • Medication abortion up to 10 weeks
  • In-health center abortion up to 20 weeks

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