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Register to Vote

  • California
    • You can register to vote online at the California Secretary of State's website. Be sure to get your application in at least 15 days prior to the next election. After you are registered to vote, you can also sign up to vote by mail. Or you can vote in person on election day.
  • Nevada
    • You can register to vote by filling out an application online and mailing it to your local elections office. Visit the Nevada Secretary of State's web page for more information on registering to vote. After you are registered, you can also sign up to vote by mail or vote in person on election day. Use Vote 411's poll finder to find the location of your polling place.
  • All 50 States

Write a Letter to the Editor

The "Letters to the Editor" section is one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper and often reaches a large audience, so it's a great place to inform and educate people on the issues you care about. Need help getting started? Check out a sample letter to the editor or contact [email protected] for tips. Keep your letter short. Sign the letter with your name and address and send it by mail to the paper's editor. Be sure to let us know you submitted a letter.


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