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Get Involved Locally

Get involved locally! You can make a big difference by volunteering, making donations, participating in online advocacy, and by voting! Find more information about all of these opportunities to support Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.

Advocacy Online: Join Our Email List!

Through our online advocacy campaigns you can make sure that local and statewide elected officials hear your voice through targeted e-mails, faxes, and signed petitions about issues that have direct influence on the thousands of families that Planned Parenthood Mar Monte serves.

Donate Locally

One of the ways to support PPMM is to make a financial contribution. The gift you make will ensure access to reproductive health care, community education and advocacy programs. Click here for more information.

Take Action in California

Keep up with the latest issues and events going on in California. From registering to vote to signing petitions, there is a way for everyone to take action and make their voice heard. Through your activism, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte can continue to provide quality care to communities throughout the state.

Take Action in Nevada

Join Planned Parenthood Mar Monte's efforts to protect the health care rights of Nevada's citizens. Learn about our latest campaigns and what you can do to become an advocate. From writing a letter to the editor to encouraging others to speak out, there are ways that everyone can get involved.

Volunteer With PPMM

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte would not be where it is today without the invaluable support of volunteers in the community. Volunteers help by interning in our medical, advocacy and education branches. They assist with tasks ranging from assisting with paperwork in a health center to helping with education outreach to stuffing envelopes during campaigns. Find out more about volunteering and fill out an application today.




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Get Involved Locally