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Check out this 1-minute snapshot of the impact that Planned Parenthood Mar Monte has on so many lives in just ONE WEEK. This is why it’s so important that we’re here – no matter what!

Screens for chlamydia & gonorrhea. Test kit is discreetly packaged & delivered by mail. Accurate & secure results, plus a prescription or referral as needed, all delivered through the app - all for $120.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte – from the Spanish, “sea” to “mountain” -- has more than 30 health centers in Mid-California and Northern Nevada.

A LARC may be just right for you! LARCs (long-acting reversible contraceptives) include IUDs and implants. They're highly effective. Learn more ...

PPMM had 426,778 patient visits in 2015. And 74% of our patients live below the Federal Poverty Level. Our Education programs reached 23,421 students and 1770 migrant workers. Learn more in our annual report.

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