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Indianapolis, IN — Today, Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawaiʻi, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky (PPGNHAIK) held a press conference to discuss Planned Parenthood’s commitment to continue providing essential health services in Indiana, as the fight to increase access to abortion in the court continues. 

Statement from Rebecca Gibron, CEO for Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawaiʻi, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky:

“We are here today to assure all Hoosiers — whether you’re white, Black, brown, or Indigenous — whether you’re straight, gay, or trans — whether you have health insurance or you’re uninsured — Planned Parenthood will never back down, not now, not ever, from providing you the care you need. 

“We will be courageous in the courts, and in our clinics. We will turn up the volume, making sure everyone has access to medically accurate information about how to get abortion care in other states. No matter what the extremists try to do in the political corridors and courtrooms of Indiana, Planned Parenthood will keep providing Hoosiers with birth control, vasectomies, STI prevention and treatment, gender-affirming care for adults, and referrals to abortion care in other states where it is protected. 

“Our patients are our north star. The people we provide care for are the people that we keep in our heads with every decision we make. Every person, in every circumstance, deserves access to health care when and where they need it.”


Statement from Dr. Katie McHugh, obstetrician-gynecologist, Planned Parenthood abortion provider in Indiana: 

“When I started my journey to be a reproductive health physician 12 years ago, I did not think it would involve press conferences. More specifically, I didn’t understand that my home state would train me to be a highly skilled physician and then ignore my expertise, skills and knowledge. More than ignore, actually, criminalize.  And purely for political purposes. The American Medical Association Code of Ethics, says: “physicians have an ethical responsibility to seek change when they believe the requirements of law or policy are contrary to the best interests of patients.” This is exactly why we are here today. Our patients are our passion. And we aren’t alone.

“As health care providers, we will continue the fight: No matter the landscape, we are here to stay. We are here to help the people in Indiana access the care they need. 

And we invite the community to join us. We challenge all Hoosiers to stand against this oppression and reclaim the right to control our own body and future. This is not the first battle, nor will it be the last. 

“We are with you.”


Statement from Dr. Ric Henderson, a resident physician in Indiana:

“I fear that SEA1 is going to deter physicians from staying in Indiana, where the care is needed the most. This is a factor not only for OB/GYN residents, but medical trainees of all specialties. Young physicians in Indiana have to grapple with the decision of protecting themselves, their families and careers versus providing care to our patients. We see the attacks on our mentors and have to seriously consider if we will accept similar risk. This decision looms over us throughout our time in residency. At the end of our training, some of us will stay, & others will leave for states with less restrictive abortion laws. For those who make the decision to leave, the decision is not reflective on how much we care for our fellow Hoosiers. It’s the direct result of state legislation introducing fear into our medical practices and harming our ability to provide evidence-based care for our patients. 

“The immediate and lasting effects of this legislation cannot be understated. Not only will this legislation affect persons who are seeking safe, reliable abortion care within Indiana, but it will also affect generations of future Hoosiers who will be impacted by physician shortages. We are eternally thankful for those who have come before us, and for those who are staying in the face of persecution. Their strength is what gives us hope that someday, future resident physicians won’t have to struggle with the same decisions.”


Indiana Planned Parenthood health centers will continue to provide our long list of essential health care services, including:

  • support to help patients access abortion care in other states

  • emergency contraception, birth control and vasectomies

  • pre and post abortion care

  • STI testing and treatment

  • pregnancy consultations and ultrasounds

  • cancer screenings

  • gender affirming hormone care for people over 18

  • wellness visits

  • and much more. 

Our health centers in Indiana will continue to provide those services, in addition to providing any care we can to those looking for an abortion, including referrals to nearby states where it remains legal. In fact, for 70 percent of the patients we serve, our Planned Parenthood health centers are their only source of health care. 

To anyone looking for abortion care, Planned Parenthood’s staff is ready to help them find an appointment and provide the information and resources needed to access care. To get in touch with a patient navigator or to learn more about options, people should call 1-800-230-7526 or visit any of our Planned Parenthood health centers.