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Understanding Your Lab Results

What information do I need to understand my lab results? You can find the following in your lab results:


The name of the lab/test that was performed.


Where the test was completed. Some examples include urine, pharyngeal (mouth), vaginal. This is important to know in case you are positive it can show where you may have been exposed.


Your test result can be shown as a set of numbers or words. To help understand your results better, the words under “Result” are a different color if they are out of range.       

  •             Negative or Non-reactive – the infection you were tested for was not found
  •             Positive or Reactive – the infection you were tested for was found
  •             See Note or “Comment” – see the “Comment” section for more details about your result
  •             Inconclusive – this result is neither positive nor negative. This result can occur from inadequate sample collection, very early-stage infection, or for patients                    close to recovery. With an inconclusive result, collecting and testing another sample is recommended

The number or word on this section is what the “normal value” is for this lab result. This range helps show what a typical normal result looks like. If your results fall outside the range, or if you have symptoms despite a normal result, you will likely need more testing.


Component: Chlamydia

Source: Urine

Result: Positive

Range: Negative

Interpretation: This result would indicate a positive chlamydia test for the urine sample


Why did I get more than one result for the same test?

Planned Parenthood provides testing for different sources since it is possible to test positive from one source and negative for another. For example, if you tested for Chlamydia, you might have left a urine sample and a throat swab. See the “Source” section of your results to find out what was tested.

What do I do if any of my tests are out of range?

If any of your tests show out of range and you haven’t received treatment, you can schedule a follow up appointment or contact our Case Management team for next steps. If any of your results are positive, our Case Management team will reach out to you to discuss your results and treatment, if needed.

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