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Resources to Support Effective Conversations

Sex Ed To-Go offers a set of FREE short coursesthat can help you feel more confident talking to your kids about sex and reproductive health.

Sex Ed To-Go offers a set of FREE short coursesthat can help you feel more confident talking to your kids about sex and reproductive health.

We teach sex education to more than a million people each year, and we can give you the tips and tricks you need to take the awkward out of your “talks” with your kids about sex.  Watch our free, three-video course in English or Spanish on your smartphone or computer. Check out this video to learn more: 

Part 1: Preparing Yourself 

  • Why open, on-going, age-appropriate conversations with your kids about sex are important 

  • How to explore and manage your own emotions and messages about sex and relationships before you talk with your kids 

Part 2: Handling Emotional Conversations Well 

  • Why vulnerability is important 

  • How to honor your child's or teen's complicated or strong emotions 

  • How to ask careful questions 

Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Effective Conversations

  • Tips for successful conversations 

  • Conversation openers 

  • What answering questions could sound like 

  • What information is age appropriate 

Other Resources We Love

You know your child or teen better than any website, so feel free to adjust based on their needs. You might consider what you knew at your child’s age (what you and your friends talked and joked about, what you wondered about), and also what types of media, movies, music and messages your child might be exposed to (so you have a sense of what ideas or messages they have already heard). 

Planned Parenthood’s For Parents

This page allows you to explore by age and topic area. Whether you have a preschooler or a high schooler, this site provides tips on how to talk with them in an age-appropriate way about their body, identity, and personal safety. It also provides guidance on what they need to know at this age about social skills, relationships, pregnancy and reproduction, and sex and sexuality. Free. Good for those who learn by reading. 


This page helps you build a script to respond to a question or start a conversation on a wide variety of topics, tailored to specific age groups. Use their easy drop-downs and then customize for your family.  Free. Good for figuring out what to do in a specific situation. 

Talk with Your Kids

This resource from TeenSource offers short, accessible tips, messages and suggested activities by age. Free. Good for short attention spans.. 

Sex Positive Families

This helpful blog covers many topics: talking about pornography, supporting consent in everyday life, making the talks more fun, answering sex-related questions, etc.  They also have a great list of suggested additional resources. Free. Subscribing to the blog is a good way to remind yourself to have these conversations frequently. 

Amaze and Amaze Jr. by Advocates for Youth

They have an enormous library of short videos (2-5 minutes) on hundreds of sexual health related topics. Free. Great as conversation-starters, particularly if there’s a specific topic you want to cover (like online safety, porn, body image, etc.). 

For more information or questions about Sex Ed To-Go, email us!