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Building a Curriculum Using Sex Ed To-Go

So now you’re ready to teach. But where to start? 

Options for Using Sex Ed To-Go

It might be tempting to just tell your young person to watch a couple Sex Ed To-Go courses and then move on with your life, thinking your job is done. Here are some other options:

  • Watch the course together. Do the quizzes and reflection questions as a pair/group. 

  • Assign the course and then have a follow-up conversation. We provide conversation-starting questions for each course in the section below. 

  • Go all-out sex educator on them. All of our slides and scripts, as well as classroom materials and exercises are available for each Sex Ed To-Go course topic. Go through the slides with them. Download and use classroom exercises. Whatever you want, you can find all of our topic-specific materials for FREE here.  

My young person is 3rd grade or younger

My young person is in 4th-5th grade

My young person is in 6th-7th grade

My young person is in 8th grade or older

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