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Your first visit and beyond

In this section:

  • First visit
  • New patient follow-up schedule
  • Established patients
  • Dosage/medication
  • After your visit

Your first visit

Your provider will discuss with you the informed consent process, your gender-identity history, your transition-related goals, and will review both the positive effects and possible risk factors for hormone therapy. A comprehensive medical history will be obtained and reviewed. Your provider will also assess your current risk of pregnancy and desire for future ability to have children as both can be affected by hormone therapy. The clinician will perform routine lab work to make sure you are a healthy candidate for hormone therapy. Based on the results of this visit, most patients are prescribed hormones the same day. Together, you and your provider will make the best decision for you.

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New patient follow-up schedule

If you’re starting gender-affirming hormone therapy, you’ll have an initial appointment with baseline lab work (blood draw). Then we’ll need to see you for 3-month, 6-month and 12-month follow-ups with lab work to see how things are going, check in with you about the changes you are experiencing, and possibly check that hormone levels are in a therapeutic range for your desired effects. We may make dosage adjustments, based on your feedback and lab results. It’s your responsibility to call to schedule these appointments.

Established patients

If your levels are stable and you’re happy with your treatment effects, after your 12-month visit we’ll want to see you once yearly for a follow-up appointment and labs unless you’d like to come in sooner.

Dosage/medication changes

If you want to change your dosage, or switch to a different medication, you’ll likely need a visit and labs first. At this visit, the provider will educate you about the medication and how to take it. Three months after changes to your medication, we’ll often need another visit and a set of labs to see how it’s going.

After your visit

You can expect a call from our Care Coordination team about one week after your hormone therapy visit to make sure you were able to access your medications. Additionally, our Care Coordination team provides follow-up services to help our patients with needs outside of hormone therapy, sexual, and reproductive health care.