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It’s STI Awareness Month. But just how much do we know about STIs? Are we ready for the questions?

Take the quiz below and test your STI knowledge. The key is at the end. Don’t peek, peeker!

1. What’s the most common STI symptom?  Itching. Burning. No symptom. 

2. When was syphilis first recognized as an epidemic? 1400s, 1920s, 1980s

3. What year was the first HIV test approved by the FDA? 1985, 2000, 1978

4. Which of these STIs can be cured with antibiotics? Herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, HPV.

5. Name 2 STIs that start with “H” that can’t be cured

6. You can get herpes from a toilet seat, true or false?

7. Which group is most likely to have an STI? Teens and young adults, people in their 30s, seniors.

8. You can get herpes from sharing a glass, true or false?

9. Sex toys can spread STIs, true or false?

10. What’s the most common STI? HPV, herpes, gonorrhea. 

Random Bonus Question:

Which animal’s testicles were women advised to wear to prevent unwanted pregnancy, in the 11th century? A weasel, a bull, a rat.

1. No symptom.
2. 1400s
3. 1985
4. chlamydia
5. hepatitis, HIV, herpes, HPV.
6. False
7. Teens and young adults
8. True
9. True
10. HPV
Random Bonus: Weasel testicles. You’re welcome.


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