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Last winter, we invited you to help shape Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s future. We are excited to announce that our Board of Directors approved our FY 2022-2025 strategic plan and we wanted to share it with you – specifically how your input shaped the plan.

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s vision is a world of equity where sexual and reproductive rights are basic human rights, where access to health care doesn’t depend on who you are and where you live, and where every person has the opportunity to choose their own path to a healthy and meaningful life.

This strategic plan makes explicit where to focus our energy and resources over the next three years to most effectively and efficiently move toward this vision, given the complex, challenging and ever-changing environment we face at this moment in history

Our strategic plan has 4 high-level goals, each focusing on impact at a different level, from internal/organizational through individual services and community well-being to societal change. Each goal has a set of specific strategies.


Ensure strong, sustainable operations in the context of ongoing societal disruptions (e.g. COVID-19, technology, legal/political/regulatory changes)

STRATEGIES: Effective decision-making Systems and infrastructure Productivity High-functioning health centers Skilled, engaged staff Leveraging donations

The strategies under this goal are about ensuring that we have the right systems and support in place to run an efficient organization, make good decisions and be a great place to work for our staff.

What your input shaped: Your feedback emphasized the critical role that Planned Parenthood plays in the community, and the importance of us remaining strong and vital regardless of what the world throws at us.


Expand care and education to better and more equitably meet community needs, centering youth, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ people

STRATEGIES: Abortion access Expanded reach Online health care   Health equity/patient experience Expanded scope Sex education access Advocacy for access and reimbursement

The strategies under this goal focus on how individuals get care from us and what care we provide.

What your input shaped: There is tremendous need in our communities: for more and easier access to the services we already provide, for related services we don’t provide, and for certain sub-communities that lack access or experience poor health outcomes. Our focus will be on increasing access to services we already provide – centering youth, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people in our planning – and building deeper and more effective channels to connect our patients with entities that are already better positioned to provide other services.


Improve workplace and broader social conditions among our staff, patients, and communities

STRATEGIES: Staff economic well-being Workplace equity Social conditions Sex education content Culture of equity and belonging

The strategies under this goal focus on our responsibility and commitment not just to serve individuals but to contribute to the greater well-being of the communities in our region.

What your input shaped: A clear theme in your feedback was the importance of us role-modeling social justice values as an employer and community partner by committing to investments in the economic well-being of our staff, proactively sharing our expertise and resources with partner organizations, and focusing on advocacy that dismantles structural racism and other systems of oppression to improve the social conditions of the communities we serve.


Execute a bold sexual and reproductive health agenda tailored to the unique attributes of our regions and communities through advocacy, messaging, and supporter engagement efforts.

STRATEGIES: Leading through collaboration Political power Growing and engaging our supporter base

This goal is about social change and creating a world where everyone has sexual and reproductive freedom to choose their own path to a healthy and meaningful life.

What your input shaped: Your reminder that we are part of a larger community web prompted us to get more explicit about the role we play across various issues, either by leading collaboratively, or actively supporting a community-driven agenda.

Creating this strategic plan was the next step toward our future. Now we are working to build out workplans to bring these strategies to life. We look forward to partnering with you to build a region that is a role model of sexual and reproductive freedom.