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Shoelaces that inspire — and raise money for Planned Parenthood!

Karin and Scott Silk participated in San Diego’s Women’s March in north county, the day after the inauguration.

They felt a sense of community and support amongst the sadness and worry.

“After it, we wondered ‘What can we do?’” Karin said.

They wanted to create a visible symbol that would take them back to the positive, supportive feelings they had at the march.

Together with their friend Jennifer Styn, they started a company to sell red, white, and blue shoelaces with a message: “March On.” The laces also feature the words “Solidarity” and “Unity.”

March On donates one dollar of each shoelace purchase to the buyer’s choice of eight charities, including Planned Parenthood.

“We wanted to create a visible symbol of community and a path forward, and raise money for causes we feel are being attacked,” Karin said.

“The targeting of Planned Parenthood by the GOP agenda just feels so upsetting for both of us,” Scott said. “It targets women, and the less fortunate. It’s a horrible feeling.”

The project is a labor of love for the couple.

Scott grew up in Kentucky. He remembered visiting an Appalachian coal mining town in his 7th grade social studies class.

“Seeing the stark differences in how people lived was very eye opening to me,” he said.

Karin has been donating to Planned Parenthood for years.

“I came across Planned Parenthood in college, because they had services that the college health center didn’t provide,” Karin said.

Her grandmother set a precedent for social justice.

“She was a social worker,” she said. “She taught us to stand up, take action, do something, say something. There are always people who need you to be a voice for them.”

Karin and Scott met in Chicago — they were set up by their Jewish grandmothers, who knew each other in Cleveland.

“They knew Scott and I both lived in Chicago at the same time, and thought we should meet!” Karin said.

The couple’s two boys are likewise being raised to participate in social justice. Their older son accompanied them to the women’s march.

“He has a picture of himself at the march on his iPad,” Karin said. “He looks at it whenever he’s feeling down.”

Their 3rd partner in the company, Jennifer, is the creative force behind the brand, covering the photography and web design. 

Jennifer is their neighbor, friend, and fellow parent: They met her at their children’s school, hit it off, and formed the company together to create the shoelaces. 

“The best part, for all of us, was writing our first check to the nonprofits,” the Silks said.

You can purchase your own shoelaces here: https://marchonlaces.com/


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