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For years, our Chula Vista Health Center has seen more patients than any of our other 17 health centers. The need for reproductive health care is great in this community, and we are committed to making sure that the women, men, and teens in this region receive the vital services they need and deserve. That is why we doubled the size of our health care center in Chula Vista, and updated the center’s design to create an efficient, patient-centered experience.

“After we expanded, our patients keep telling us how welcoming the health center is,” said Health Center Manager Thelma, who has worked with Planned Parenthood for 30 years. “Our patients are also happy to see how much more quickly we can see them now. We opened up several new exam rooms, which helped us reduce wait times and improve our workflow, which our staff loves.”

Chula Vista Health Center has been at the same location for more than 30 years. “We were thrilled to be able to expand our health center in our existing location because it is well established in the neighborhood, and it is located along a main public-transportation artery,” said Lori, our senior director of business initiatives, who oversaw the expansion.

Generations of women in South County San Diego have come to rely on Planned Parenthood to provide them with the reproductive health care they need. Now, these women are bringing their daughters to our Chula Vista Health Center for birth control, STD testing and treatment, life-saving cancer screenings and more.

Our team broke ground on the project in November and welcomed patients into the newly expanded center in April. It was modeled on design concepts developed by our staff and a forward-thinking design firm that mocked up the ideal center out of cardboard and fine-tuned each detail. Our newly opened health centers in Vista and Imperial Valley were the first to implement these innovative ideas that place the patient’s needs at the forefront.

“We gave a great deal of thought into everything from the hook for your purse on the back of the exam room door to the placement and type of each seat in the waiting room,” Lori said. “Each decision was made with the patient in mind.”

The team spent a great deal of time designing the health center so that the staff and patients would need to take the smallest number of steps during an appointment: less time walking in the health center means more time staff can spend with patients.

The health centers are decorated with brightly colored walls, and the waiting rooms feature comfortable and inviting seating options.

“The remodel is part of a long-term strategy to expand access to health care in areas with great need with designs that maximize efficiency,” Lori said. “Our newly remodeled health centers send a clear message to our patients that they are welcome and they are being cared for by experts in modern facilities.”


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