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In case you’ve forgotten all of the reasons to be thankful for birth control, this animated musical published by Bedsider.org will remind you in hilarious ways.


While the animation is all about the contraception we know and love — with dancing condoms, pills, IUDs, and even Nuva Girl hula-hooping her ring — the song highlights the reasons we’re thankful for these popular methods of birth control.

The lyrics include varied reasons including the standard, “I’m ready to rock, but I don’t think I’m ready to be a mom,” and the comical “Now I’m married to Dave and not to just some creep.”

The musical, created for the second annual Thanks Birth Control day, serves as a wonderful reminder of why men, women, and their families have birth control to thank for helping them live a planned life.

We highly recommend you check out this entertaining video. It’ll definitely leave you wanting to say (or sing) “Thank you birth control!”


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