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Volunteer with our coalition partners

This is one of the opportunities to volunteer on your own time with PPMM from our Take Action Volunteer Toolkit. Check out additional opportunities on our volunteer page

Don't see an opportunity to volunteer with PPMM? Volunteer with one of our coalition partners!

When you do, let us know what organizations you volunteered with using this form. That will let us know if these resources are useful to you and if we're effectively uplifting our partners. 

Alameda County

  • East Oakland Collective - Advocacy and support for unhoused and racial justice. Volunteer: "Feed The Hood" (distribute food & supplies to unhoused community in East Oakland)
  • Young Women's Freedom Center - Racial justice and criminal justice reform. Volunteer: Advocacy-oriented opportunities. Email [email protected] to volunteer.

Monterey County

  • Monterey County Rape Crisis Center - Advocacy, support and healing for all victims and survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking and child abuse. Volunteer: Become an advocate.
  • The Epicenter - Community service hub for system-involved youth ages 16-24. Volunteer: Tutoring, mentoring, center maintenance, center support, community service, service learning, capstone project, internships, and special events.

Northern Nevada

Placer County

  • Stand Up Placer - Advocacy and support for sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking survivors. Volunteer: Direct and indirect service opportunities. Email [email protected].

Sacramento County

San Joaquin Valley

San Mateo County

  • Outlet - Adolescent counseling services for LGBTQ+ youth ages 10-25. Volunteer: Become a co-facilitator.

Santa Clara County

  • Sacred Heart Community Services - Affordable housing, immigrant rights, racial justice, and housing justice. Volunteer: Join an organizing committee to improve material conditions on deeply felt issues including, housing, immigrant, and racial justice.
  • Somos Mayfair - Immigrant rights, community organizing, housing rights, leadership development. Volunteer: Support community-led grassroots campaigns on issues, including immigrant rights, school board term limits, housing rights, and leadership development. Follow on Instagram @somosmayfair to learn about upcoming community meetings.