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This is a list of costs for common services available at most PPSENFL health centers. These costs are for patients without insurance paying at the time of the service. Assistance programs may be available but vary at each health center.

Insurance and Payment Assistance Resources

Well Person Exam

This is a head to toe exam including breast and pelvic exam (if over 21 or indicated). The visit cost is from $115 to $135. Additional expense for pap smear ranges from $47 for regular pap to $132 for pap that includes testing for HPV. 

Behavioral Health Services 

Telehealth counseling sessions are $75 for an hour.

Telehealth group sessions are $20 per hour. 

EMDR sessions are $75 for 60 minutes and $125 for 90 minutes. 

STI Screening

The cost for an STI visit is between $125 to $170. In addition, each STI test averages $40 to $50. 

Birth Control Visit

The cost for a visit ranges from $120 to $135. 

Each type of birth control has varying costs: 

  • Pills cost an average of $20 per month. At the health center, ask about discounts and special programs 
  • Depo Provera shot cost, on average, $92 every three months   
  • IUD or Nexplanon, depending on device, start at $1200 (not including insertion fees and office visits) 

Problem Visit

Examples of problem visits include UTI, vaginal discharge, breast mass, or genital lesions. The cost of a visit averages between $125 and $135. Additional charges may apply depending on any need to run tests or additional procedures.  

First Trimester Abortion

Abortions up to 13 weeks and 6 days since last period.

The all-inclusive cost is $600. This visit includes pregnancy test, medications to help you relax during the in clinic procedure, RhoGAM, ultrasound, and gonorrhea and chlamydia testing if indicated. Another option for patients who are less than 11 weeks since last menstrual period is a medication abortion procedure. In addition, each patient has the option to receive three months of birth control (pills or shot) at no cost.    

Other Visit Type

The cost for a GAHT visit is between $135 to $165. In addition, lab test averages $26 to $142. 

The cost for a NPEP/PREP visit is between $135 to $165. In addition, lab test averages $169 to $299. 

Patient Resources

Find patient resources including health center locations, insurance information, patient forms and more.

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