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The Varied Viewpoints on Abortion 

When discussing the topic of abortion the two-terms we use are "pro-life" and "pro-choice." Both of these terms are problematic in their own ways.

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12088355_10207860026081266_2744188329336471061_n.jpgWhy Do We Want To #GiveElsaAGirlfriend?  

Supporters believe that in the Frozen sequel Queen Elsa should have a girlfriend since the last movie left her sexuality ambiguous.

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What do Miley Cyrus and Lillian Tamayo have in common?  

Our commitment to inclusive health care is driven by the leadership of a woman we consider our celebrity.

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HBO Girls Star Jemima Kirke Talks About Her Abortion

She joins other inspiring women who are sharing their abortion stories to reduce stigma and empower others. 

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Youth Power Summit Spotlight  

Being new, the YPS was a time for me to learn about organized activism and advocacy as well as learn how I could impact change within my local community.

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GYT16_gettested.jpgGet Yourself Tested - Why it's so Important   

For GYT month, guest blogger Yaritza, member of the Palm Beach County Youth Council, tells us why getting tested matters!

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Our Eighth Grade Teachers

As part of the TOP® program, these 8th graders chose to repair the school’s physical education field.

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We do these too: Vasectomy

I know what you’re thinking.  Planned Parenthood is just for women, right?  Wrong.

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My Experience Growing up in Central America  

We didn’t talk about sex in Honduras. Nor did we ever discuss anything like birth control or, God forbid, abortion.

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Can TV shows like “Law & Order” be a positive influence?   

Television shows are not the only solution to the problem of sexual assault, but it is nice to know that some of them might be able to help in a small way.

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Grateful for Griswold: how birth control availability changed women’s lives

Fifty years ago this week, Estelle Griswold led the fight to protect access to birth control.

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Low or No Cost Teen Medical Services

All our health centers offer discounted pricing for teens. In Palm Beach County we offer services at low to no cost.

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South, East and North Florida Health Centers

We have 11 health centers in our service area. Ask how you can get a same-day appointment.

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