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About Chat/Text

The Planned Parenthood Chat/Text program enables adolescents and young adults to contact Planned Parenthood health educators through text or instant messaging to ask questions about birth control, emergency contraception, STD testing, pregnancy testing, or abortion. Our health educators answer any question related to these topics (and these topics only), and provide medically accurate responses using behavioral theory and communication science to encourage positive health behaviors. All clients are encouraged to access Planned Parenthood health services, as appropriate.

What does it mean to use behavioral theory and communication science?
All our chats follow the same outline where we establish trust, expertise and accessibility, answer immediate
concerns, then address longer term needs like birth control and STD testing and prevention. We use active
learning strategies and help chatters build concrete action plans. Instead of passively sharing facts, we are
engaging and empowering our chatters to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health.

What do we talk about most?

birth control
pregnancy tests
STD testing
emergency contraception

What do chatters have to say about Chat/Text?
• Right, I just wanted to talk to an expert because I know it’s impossible for me to be pregnant- I just get worried.
• Thank you so much for all the help I feel relieved.
• This chat function is positively great. It’s very reassuring to know I can speak to a knowledgeable person.
• ok, thanks so much for your help. You definitely scored PP a donation from me :) Keep up the good work!
• Okay, thank you very much. If I have anymore questions I’ll be sure to use the chat window because you’ve been far more helpful than most websites. Thank you.
• I like that it’s a place to get answers and advice. & its anonymous.

What types of questions do chatters ask?
White, 15, female

I just had unprotected sex but I am on birth control pills.  There is a little bit of blood coming out of my vagina.  Is this OK?

Latino, 16, male

I’m scared I’m 16 and I’m scared I have herpes idk what too do the though of having them is ruining my life idk what too do everytime I think about it I start crying I need help

White, 17, female

I had heavy bleeding for 7 days starting on the 16th. But my period wasn’t due until the 24th. And today I had brown spotting. My period is pretty regular and comes on the same day every month. I have been nauseous and my breast and nipples have been sore. I don’t know what’s going on.

Black, 22, female

I was wondering what the most effective form of birth control is, aside from abstinence?

Latino, 17, female 

hi i thinking if i should get on birth control but the thing is i dont want to tell my parents. do i need their permission?