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The decision to terminate a pregnancy is never an easy one, and Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI) offers unbiased, accurate information about the options available for pregnancy termination, medication abortion and surgical abortion.

Medication Abortion (Abortion Pill)

Medication abortion can be performed up to the 11th week of pregnancy. The administration of medication causes the abortion—no surgery is involved. Get more information about medication abortion.

We provide medication abortion procedures at our Ann Arbor East, Detroit, Ferndale, FlintIrwin/Martin (Grand Rapids), Kalamazoo, LansingMarquette, Petoskey, and Walker (Traverse City) health centers.

If you have scheduled an appointment for a medication abortion, follow these instructions in planning for your visit. (See instructions in Spanish.)

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortions are offered through 19.6 weeks of pregnancy. This is an in-office, out-patient procedure. We are one of the few providers who also offer sedation if desired. Get more information about in-clinic abortion procedures.

We provide surgical abortion procedures at our Ann Arbor East, Flint, and Kalamazoo health centers. (Our Detroit, Ferndale, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Marquette, and Traverse City health centers do not provide surgical abortion procedures, only medication abortions.)

If you have scheduled an appointment for a surgical abortion, follow these instructions in planning for your visit. (See instructions in Spanish.)

Find Abortion Care

Be sure to watch our informative video about abortion options, requirements, risks and benefits before you come in for your appointment.


How far along am I?

There are two ways to date a pregnancy. Physicians often date a pregnancy from the first day of your last period. The second way to date a pregnancy is from the time of conception, which generally occurs two weeks after the first day of your last period. The required Informed Consent packet we will provide you has information based on dating your pregnancy from conception, which normally occurs two weeks after the first day of your last period.

What must I do before my appointment?

Please be aware that Michigan law requires a 24-hour “waiting” period before either procedure. You will be required to review information from the state and sign a form stating that you have done so before the procedure can be done.

We encourage you to streamline this process by taking advantage of the State’s web page where you can view and download all the necessary forms. See the "Patient Forms" section below for the necessary information and forms.

Additionally, this information can be picked up at any of our health center locations at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

If you chose to have an abortion, we will provide you with birth control method information on the day of your abortion, or you may seek information from your private physician. Before you leave the health center, you also be provided with contact instructions in case of emergency.

What identification do I need?

If you are 18 years or older, bring a picture ID that clearly states your date of birth. We will not be able to provide services without it. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) with parental consent, we will need a copy of your birth certificate, parent’s picture ID, and your picture ID if you have one (school ID is OK).  If you are a minor (under the age of 18) with a judicial bypass, we will need all paperwork provided by the judge and a picture ID if you have one (school ID is OK).

What payment methods are accepted?

Be prepared to pay the full balance at the appointment. If you are having a two-day procedure, payment in full is expected on the first day of your procedure. We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and money orders. (We do not accept personal checks or American Express.) If you are using insurance coverage, we will need the policy information submitted before your appointment.

Funding is available for low-income women. Please call 800-230-7526 for more information.

24-Hour Informed Consent Process

This information is required for your appointment. You must complete these steps AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

A. Pick up the informed consent information packet at one of our health centers, or

B. View the required informed consent information online and print the required informed consent confirmation form.

  • Your informed consent confirmation form is only good for 2 weeks. Do not download and sign it more than two weeks before your scheduled procedure.
  • Failure to print the informed consent confirmation form online (or to pick up the informed consent packet at a health center) will result in rescheduling your appointment.
  • If you choose to email the informed consent confirmation form to yourself, please be sure to save it as a Portable Document Format (PDF) before emailing. This ensures that the date is accurate on the form.
Begin Informed Consent Process