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Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Planned Parenthood of Michigan is proud to provide gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) to transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive folks.

We now offer gender affirming hormone therapy at our health centers across Michigan and via telehealth appointments.

Gender affirming care goes far beyond just hormone therapy.

We are committed to providing high quality, reproductive and sexual health care — including abortion — to people of all genders, and to ensuring our patients are treated with compassion and respect.

Hormone therapy services

PPMI offers hormone therapy for transmasculine, transfeminine, nonbinary, and gender expansive people ages 18 years and older.

Depending on individual patient needs and unique health considerations, we can provide the following hormone care.

Feminizing hormone therapy

  • Testosterone-blocking medications: spironolactone, finasteride
  • Estradiol medications: injections, patches, pills (swallowed or dissolved under the tongue)
  • Progestin medications

Masculinizing hormone therapy

  • Testosterone medications: injections, gels
  • Scalp hair loss management: finasteride

“Microdosing” or intermediate dose hormones


We use an informed consent model of care. This means that clinicians discuss the risks and benefits of hormone therapy with patients, and clinicians work with patients to determine the plan that is best tailored to their needs in the context of their medical conditions. Patients do not need a mental health referral to receive hormone care at PPMI.

Younger than 18 and looking for resources?

Explore gender affirming care at PPMI

What to expect

What to expect on your first visit and beyond

Choosing your therapy

Choosing the route of hormone therapy that is right for you

Injection videos

Learn how to perform self injections

Blood work

Where, when, and why/how we monitor

Hormone prescriptions at the pharmacy

Instructions regarding your prescriptions

Myth busting

Real information about gender affirming care


Questions and answers about gender affirming care and hormone therapy at PPMI

Centering community

We are committed to serving and collaborating with those we serve.


Learn about fees, payments, and insurance

Effects of feminizing therapy

What are the changes, and are they permanent or reversible?

Effects of masculinizing therapy

What are the changes, and are they permanent or reversible?

Planning for your visit

This PDF has instructions to prepare for your visit.

Planning for your telehealth visit

This PDF has instructions to prepare for your virtual telehealth visit.