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In The News

‘It would force me to lie to patients’: Republicans consider so-called abortion pill reversal legislation

July 24, 2021

Michigan Advance

PPMI's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sarah Wallett speaks about House Bill 5086.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan receives grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

June 11, 2020

NBC 25 News

Planned Parenthood of Michigan has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint in support of its work protecting access to reproductive healthcare.

Being pro-life has to be more than a slogan

June 5, 2020

Michigan Advance

In this commentary by PPMI President/CEO Lori Carpentier, she states: "I’d argue that to be truly pro-life means to give everyone access to the tools they need to live healthy, happy lives – equal pay for equal work, paid sick time off, safe workplaces, high quality health care, basic civil rights. The services and care we provide are essential to helping Michiganders live healthy, happy lives of their choosing."

Planned Parenthood offers telehealth services for birth control, UTIs

April 25, 2020

Michigan Advance

Like many health care providers during the COVID-19 crisis, Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI) is now offering telehealth services, including access to birth control and urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment.

Oakland County grants Planned Parenthood $500,000 in absence of Title X funds

Dec. 20, 2019

Pride Source

On Dec. 12, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved a budget amendment that grants $500,000 to Planned Parenthood in the absence of Title X funding. Planned Parenthood of Michigan had been forced out of the federal family planning program due to the Trump-Pence administration’s changes to the rules for receiving Title X funds. While Planned Parenthood is one of 30 Title X providers in the state of Michigan, its health centers provide care for nearly 70 percent of the program’s recipients.

Washtenaw County sends $100k to Planned Parenthood for Title X services

Nov. 22, 2020


ANN ARBOR, MI -- Washtenaw County officials reallocated $100,000 to Planned Parenthood of Michigan to aid a six-month funding gap left when the organization rejected federal funds after a Trump administration policy change.

Clients worry about Planned Parenthood

Feb. 4, 2017

Battle Creek Enquirer

A Battle Creek patient talks about Planned Parenthood and women's health care.

Beyond Contraception

Feb. 1, 2017

Lansing City Pulse

Birth control offers benefits outside of pregnancy prevention.

Spike in women seeking long-term birth control as ACA comes under attack

Feb. 21, 2017

CBS Detroit

As the nation waits to see the Republican plan to revamp the Affordable Care Act, there’s been a run on women seeking birth control in metro Detroit.

Defunding Planned Parenthood means more than what people might expect

Feb. 21, 2017

Western Herald

For many of us, the words “Planned Parenthood” are almost synonymous with “abortion clinic,” but in fact, they should be more synonymous with “cancer prevention,” “men’s health care” and “LGBT services.”

Birth control demand bumps up

Feb. 26, 2017

Record Eagle

Planned Parenthood's Walker Health Center in Traverse City sees 33% increase in IUD, implant procedures.

How Trump's new rule on birth control coverage could impact 1.9M Michigan women

Oct. 7, 2017

Detroit Free Press

The Trump administration put in place a new rule Friday that allows employers to deny insurance coverage of birth control under the Affordable Care Act if that employer has a religious or moral objection to providing that coverage.

Hey, GOP: Your constituents use Planned Parenthood

May 10, 2017

Detroit Free Press

Michigan Republicans hot to defund Planned Parenthood should slow their roll. At least long enough to understand exactly who they’ll be sticking it to if their persistent efforts are successful: Their own constituents, women in small Michigan cities or rural Michigan counties with few options for care, tens of thousands of whom who visit Planned Parenthood – in Petoskey or Brighton or Big Rapids or Jackson or Livonia – each year.

Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ community: What you should know

July 13, 2017

Pride Source

Birth control and abortion. For many people, that's what comes to mind when they think of Planned Parenthood. But did you know that they offer a full range of services, from HIV testing and treatment to cancer screenings? Planned Parenthood is a great resource for the health care of the LGBTQ community. Why don't more people know?

Trump ACA birth control rule change rolls dice with women

Oct. 7, 2017

Detroit Free Press

More unplanned pregnancies. More children with preventable disabilities. More abortions. 

Those are the only realistic consequences of President Donald Trump's decision to roll back an Affordable Care Act rule requiring insurance plans to cover the cost of birth control.

Press Releases

Planned Parenthood Condemns President Trump’s Signing of Bill

Bill Threatens Health Care Protections for 4 Million Title X Family Planning Patients

April 14, 2017 • Michigan

PPMI to Consolidate Wyoming and Grand Rapids Health Services into One Location

GRAND RAPIDS – As part of a plan to consolidate Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s (PPMI) health services in the Grand Rapids area, PPMI announced today that the Evenson Health Center, located at 3641 Byron Center Ave. SW, in Wyoming, will close on March 1, 2017.

Feb. 15, 2017 • Michigan

PPMI Recognizes Condom Week with Events, Advice

MICHIGAN – It’s Valentine’s week and love is in the air! Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI) reminds love birds everywhere that CONDOMS are the one form of birth control that can prevent against unintended pregnancy and also help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – but only if used properly, and that includes using a condom EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Feb. 13, 2017 • Michigan

Statewide Summit for Teen Peer Educators

Planned Parenthood to Hold a Statewide Summit for Teen Peer Educators as Part of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

May 5, 2016 • Michigan

Statewide Summit for Teen Peer Educators

PPMI Peer Ed Summit on Friday, May 6, 2016

May 5, 2016 • Michigan

Announcing Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Michigan affiliates merge to create one Planned Parenthood of Michigan

May 3, 2016 • Michigan

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