With Birth Control, No Exam (BCNE) you can get birth control pills, Depo Provera, the Ortho Evra Patch, an implant, and NuvaRing without a pelvic exam for up to one year.

Planned Parenthood strongly encourages women to receive regular pelvic exams for early detection of cancers and sexually transmitted infections. However, a pelvic exam will not help determine whether a woman can safely use hormonal contraception like birth control pills. With careful screening of your medical history and blood pressure, we can determine if hormonal contraception is right for you—without a pelvic exam!

How it works

  • Make an appointment with a clinician. No exam required!
  • At your visit, we will have you complete a medical history form and sign consents for services.
  • Have your blood pressure and weight checked.
  • A clinician will then determine if birth control pills, the Ortho Evra patchNuvaRing, an implant, or Depo Provera injections for 1 year are right for you. Other methods may require an exam.
    • If you are interested in other birth control options, such as an IUD or a permanent birth control method, we would be happy to discuss those options with you at this appointment. Many times we can do same-day insertions for IUDs. (Our permanent birth control options require a separate visit for the actual procedure.)
  • There is an office visit charge for this visit, which may be covered by your insurance. We also offer family planning services on a sliding-fee scale.
  • An office visit is needed to renew your prescription every year if you wish to continue a hormonal birth control method.
  • BCNE is convenient for those getting health care elsewhere but who wish to purchase birth control from Planned Parenthood.
  • Be aware that certain health problems may go unrecognized without a pelvic exam. If you have concerns about not having an exam, please let us know.