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Abortion Information for Patients

PPAZ offers abortion services up to 15 weeks for people who are 18+ at our Glendale and Tucson locations. State law requires patients undergo an initial visit consisting of pregnancy confirmation with ultrasound and physician counseling, then wait 24 hours before an abortion procedure.  

If you are more than 15 weeks pregnant, it is legal for you to travel out of state to seek abortion services. 

You can call to make an appointment at either one of these health centers for a pregnancy check and/or abortion consultation. 

Know Your Rights.

Abortion is legal in Arizona, when provided by a licensed physician, with the following restrictions:

  • Abortion beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy is not permitted.
  • Abortion for reasons of fetal race, sex or genetic abnormality is not permitted. 
  • If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must give you permission to get an abortion. Visit Minors & Abortion Law page for more resources and information. If getting permission of a parent or guardian is not an option for you, you can seek a judicial bypass (JB) by calling the JB Helpline at 844.868.2812.

Connect with our Patient Navigator

Our Patient Navigator can help you to find a convenient location for abortion care, and may be able to help you with expenses like travel, lodging, and childcare. 

Learn More

Types of Abortion Services

At Planned Parenthood Arizona, we offer both medication abortion and in-center abortion services. 

Cost & Funding

Fees are are adjusted depending on an individual's income and number of dependents. 

Accommodations & Transportation

Call or email our Patient Navigator for assistance with transportation, lodging, gas and childcare needs.



Find a Planned Parenthood affiliate near you.


Care Collaboration for PPAZ Patients

In anticipation of the Supreme Court the Dobb's decision, PPAZ proactively created a network of affiliates willing to work with us to offer abortion care to our patients when and if Roe v. Wade was overturned forcing PPAZ To pause our abortion services. As our patients are our first concern, we want to ensure that if we can no longer provide Abortion Services, we provide them with a warm hand-off to trusted partners who will give them the compassionate, expert care they deserve. So, we have partnered with a few Planned Parenthood Affiliates in surrounding states to ensure one continuum of care for abortion services in states where abortion remains legal.  

Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest (PPPSW) is one of those affiliates that has offered to provide care for our patients from the moment the Dobbs decision was announced. Their locations are listed below.  Our Patient Navigators can help you coordinate care with PPPSW, or you can contact PPPSW directly. 



Rancho Mirage
Planned Parenthood

71777 San Jacinto Drive, Suite 202, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Getting Here
  • 4-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 6-hour drive from Tucson
  • 6-hour drive from Flagstaff

Imperial Valley
Planned Parenthood

1463 South 4th St., El Centro, CA 92243

Getting Here
  • 4-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 4-hour drive from Tucson
  • 6-hour drive from Flagstaff

First Avenue
Planned Parenthood

2017 First Ave., Suite 300 (Medication Abortion) and Suite 100 (In-Center Abortion), San Diego, CA 92101

Getting Here
  • 10-minute drive from San Diego Airport

  • 6-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 6-hour drive from Tucson
  • 7.5-hour drive from Flagstaff

Planned Parenthood

3772 Tibbetts Street, Riverside, CA 92506

Getting Here
  • 35-minute drive from Ontario Airport
  • 5-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 7-hour drive from Tucson
  • 6.5-hour drive from Flagstaff

Planned Parenthood

49-111 CA-111 6 a, Coachella, CA 92236

Getting Here
  • 35-minute drive from Palm Springs Airport
  • 4.5-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 6-hour drive from Tucson
  • 5.5-hour drive from Flagstaff

El Cajon
Planned Parenthood

1685 E. Main Street, Suite 301 El Cajon, CA 92021

Getting Here
  • 30-minute drive from San Diego Airport
  • 5.5-hour drive from Phoenix
  • 5.5-hour drive from Tucson
  • 7-hour drive from Flagstaff

Help Expand Access to Reproductive Freedom for all Patients 

Our Patient Access Fund will cover provide coverage for essential sexual and reproductive health care services outside of abortion care, and logistical support, which includes transportation, gas card, childcare, hotel, etc, to patients in Arizona who need, but cannot afford, these services. Your gift would help ensure that no patient is turned away from care due to inability to pay or their zip code.