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Arizona for Abortion Access
2024 Ballot Initiative 

Visit our Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona site for more information about events and volunteer opportunities to gather petition signatures. 

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Abortion is health care, and it is still your legal right in Arizona, when provided by a licensed physician with restrictions. 

Our Southern Arizona Regional Health Center (SARHC), in Tucson, and our Glendale Health Center offer both Surgical (in-clinic) and medication (at-home) abortion services.



Service is available at the Southern Arizona Regional Health Center, Tucson. Call to schedule your consultation now. 


Patients ask. We listened.

New Services to support patient comfort and care, including Doula, Sedation, and Patient Navigation Services.

Gender Affirming Care

We are now offering inclusive and comprehensive in-person appointments for patients 18 or older who want to initiate hormone therapy. In-person and telehealth appointments are available for this service.

We thank Phoenix Pride Community Foundation for their Support: 

Support for our Gender Affirming Care Services in Maricopa County is provided by The Phoenix Pride Community Foundation. 

Telehealth Services

High-quality, affordable care — wherever you are. 

Telehealth provides you a ‘"face-to-face" video appointment with one of our expert clinicians. Rather than coming into a health center for a visit, you and your provider connect from separate locations through your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Telehealth appointments are available for birth control consult/prescription visits (1X/year health center visit is required), vasectomy consultation, GAC,* GAC follow up,* PrEP, HIV screening, and STI Screening with no symptoms.  Intake and  screening is done via telehealth and, if the patient needs lab work, they can walk into their nearest health center that has a clinician in attendance, and be seen as a "lab only" visit on the schedule or a "walk-in lab only" visit basis. 

Payment can be handled before or after the visit. Many insurance plans cover video telehealth visits for preventative services. Otherwise, a co-pay or deductible may apply. Title X funds are available for these services in Flagstaff.  

*There is a pending DEA ruling that may require an in-person visit in the future for those taking testosterone. PPAZ stands with our gender affirming care patients and will continue to advocate for their access to care. 



MyChart - Patient Portal

All of your health information in one place

See your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills, price estimates, request refills and more - all in one secure place. 

High-quality, affordable health care. 

Get the trusted, expert care you deserve.

Birth control, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment, pap smears and annual exams, gender affirming hormone therapy, and HIV prevention.

Offering both telehealth and in-person appointments.

Health and Advocacy

Planned Parenthood has a tradition of protecting sexual health rights and defending the freedom of women. While we are firm in our positions and fierce in our arguments, we strive to always be respectful of all.

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Health and Education

Planned Parenthood Arizona's SHARE Institute is the go-to resource for Sex Education in Arizona. Through online resources and direct delivery programs, our sexperts encourage holistic health promoting behaviors that empower youth and adults in their sexual choices. 

The SHARE Institute believes that sexuality education is a human right. 


Planned Parenthood Arizona is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. You can find out more along with the IRS Form 990 at GuideStar.

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