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Education Programs for a Healthy Arizona

Planned Parenthood Arizona seeks to partner with parents, schools, and community agencies to create the healthiest generation of young people ever by providing education on a variety of sexual health topics in a wide array of community settings. Our programming promotes and embraces sexuality as an essential lifelong aspect of being human, and empowers individuals to make healthy choices. 

Working with communities throughout Arizona, we offer education programs and support to parents, youth, teachers, and youth serving professionals that help to foster an understanding of human sexuality and encourage responsible behavior. 

For Schools and the Community

Planned Parenthood Arizona’s school-based sexual health education program is designed to support the development of healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors in students 12-18 years of age. The Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) curriculum, developed by the Seattle-King County Health Department in Washington, embraces an abstinence-based approach, while providing information related to the prevention of pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The curriculum, which meets the National Health Education Standards, has been adopted and widely used in several school districts throughout the country. Like other education programs offered by Planned Parenthood Arizona, it rests on a foundation of positive and healthy sexuality across the life span, ensures discussion about a wide spectrum of beliefs on sensitive issues, and values family involvement. The FLASH program affords school districts the opportunity to bring a more comprehensive and medically accurate approach to their sexual health education programs. Planned Parenthood Arizona will partner with schools to provide teacher training and technical assistance.

Planned Parenthood Arizona wants to ensure that the communities we serve receive reliable information about sexuality and reproductive health. We offer age-appropriate, culturally competent, medically accurate, and interactive presentations in a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment that is empowering for every learner. We provide these presentations in a variety of settings-schools, community colleges and universities, public libraries, and community organizations. 

Topics include:

  • Birth Control Methods
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Planned Parenthood Services


For Professionals

Planned Parenthood Arizona educators have the expertise to design and offer customized presentations, workshops, and trainings to meet the needs of most groups. Our workshops are taught by experienced staff and are designed to help educators, social workers, and other youth-serving professionals develop the skills and knowledge it takes to be effective sexuality educators. We are also available to schools, community groups and agencies for consultation and technical assistance on sexuality education.

Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) Training of Facilitators- Planned Parenthood recognizes that teachers, who see students on a daily basis, are often the people best suited to deliver sexuality education. We provide a training of facilitators to help teachers and other youth serving professionals develop the confidence they need to successfully deliver the curriculum to students.

For Parents

Planned Parenthood Arizona seeks to support parents in their role as the primary sexuality educator of their children. Parents are the greatest influence on teen sexual decision-making, according to a survey of adolescents released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. While we acknowledge that many parents struggle with talking with their children about sexuality, we encourage open family communication about this topic. Our parent workshops underscore the belief that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living and that children learn about sexuality beginning in infancy and continue to learn throughout their lives. Each of our workshops offers something different. Our current workshop offerings include:

Being An Askable Parent: The focus of this workshop is helping parents to identify messages they received about sexuality growing up and identify their personal goals for their children around the issues of sexuality.

Parents as Sexuality Educators: With this workshop, parents become familiar with sexual development across the lifespan and examine their own values and attitudes related to their role as the primary sexuality educator of their children.

Parent and Teen Night
: This highly interactive workshop provides parents and teens with an opportunity to learn more about sexuality issues that goes beyond factual information and helps facilitate future conversations.

The Early Years: Promoting Healthy Sexual Development in Young Children
: This two-part workshop for parents and caregivers of children 3-8, helps parents create an environment early in their child’s life that fosters trust and comfort in talking about sex and sexuality. Through lively discussion, amusing role-plays, supportive teamwork, and a fun homework assignment, parents and caregivers learn skills and information that will help them establish positive, open, communication with their young child.

Home Chats

Our Home Chats Workshop gives parents interested in learning more about youth sexual health and development an opportunity to host a workshop in their home. All they need to do is commit to inviting and hosting at least eight of their friends in their home for a 90-120 minute interactive presentation and discussion. Hosts can choose from a variety of topics, including reproductive health, an overview of changes during puberty, internet safety or a modified version of one of our parent workshops. 

For more information about the workshops outlined above contact [email protected].

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