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Planned Parenthood

Western Pennsylvania

Fees for Services

No-Cost Programs

PPWP is here for you whether you have insurance or not. We offer a variety of low and no-cost programs to ensure you are able to receive the health care you deserve.

No-Cost Programs

Title X program

PPWP provides free services for teens ages 17 and under. For women and men over age 17, fees for services are based on your household income and may be free.

Sliding Fee Scale

If you are uninsured but don't qualify for free services through Title X, you may be eligible for a reduced fee based on your income. You will not be turned away because of your inability to pay.

Methods of Payment:

Our health centers accept cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. In order to use a check or credit card, you must show a valid photo ID.

Fees for Abortion Services

In-Clinic Abortion Services Up to 18 weeks: Dates are measured from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). To establish your date, see the Pregnancy Calculator.

Fee 4+-11.6 weeks from LMP:

  • With Local Anesthetic: $390
  • With Conscious Sedation: $430

Fee 12-13.6 weeks from LMP:

  • With Local Anesthetic: $515
  • With Conscious Sedation: $555

Fee 14-14.6 weeks from LMP:

  • With Local Anesthetic: $875
  • With Conscious Sedation: $915

Fee 15-16.6 weeks from LMP:

  • With Local Sedation: $925
  • With Conscious Sedation: $965

Fee 17-18 weeks from LMP:

  • With Local Anesthetic: $1050
  • With Conscious Sedation: $1090

If you prefer to be sedated during your abortion procedure, you can request IV (awake) sedation ("conscious sedation"). The medication helps you to relax and you may not remember the procedure as well.

You will be required to have an adult accompany you to the appointment, stay with you until you are discharged, and escort you home. 

Abortion Pill: Individuals 4 to 9 weeks pregnant can use the abortion pill method. The cost for this process is $390.  You should bring an additional $18 to purchase codeine and additional money to buy ibuprofen, Benadryl, anti-nausea medicine and Imodium AD at the pharmacy.

PPWP accepts most major insurance carriers and HMOs.

PPWP accepts the following forms of payment:  cash, money order, MasterCard, American Express and VISA.   PPWP offers limited financial assistance for both abortion methods. Call us at 412.562.1900 or 1.800.426.4636  to find out if we can help you!

Counseling services:

Pregnancy Options Counseling and Post Abortion Counseling

 $40 per session

 $20 for college students and those with Medical Assistance

 Free to those 17 and under




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Fees for Services