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Title X & Gag Rule

PA Anti Choice Legislation:

(H.B. 1890)

Mandatory Burial/Cremation of Fetal Remains (Rep. Ryan)

SUMMARY: This medically unnecessary bill places new mandates on health care providers that would require all health care facilities in which a miscarriage or abortion take place to have the embryonic or fetal tissue either buried or cremated, regardless of the gestational age, essentially imposing a funeral ritual of sorts on families. This restriction is intended to shame a person who has already made the personal decision to have an abortion.     

(H.B. 321)

Down Syndrome Abortion Ban (Rep. Klunk & Rep. Turzai) 

SUMMARY: This bill criminalizes abortion if a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome factors into any of the reasons a patient seeks an abortion. Because of genetic testing, prenatal diagnosis can occur as early as ten weeks gestation.

(H.B. 1580)

Perinatal Hospice (Rep. Rapp) 

SUMMARY: This bill requires doctors to provide certain information mandated by the state after a woman receives a fatal fetal diagnosis. This does not include information about access to safe, legal abortion. Contrary to what proponents may say, this bill does not protect anyone. This is about coercing women into carrying their pregnancies to term, even in cases where the fetus cannot survive. 

(S.B. 857)

Telemedicine, Potential Amendment with Anti-Abortion Language (Sen. Vogel) –

SUMMARY: An Act that authorizes the regulation of telemedicine by professional licensing boards and provides for insurance coverage of telemedicine has been updated to include anti-abortion language, which makes obtaining an abortion in this manner illegal. 


Supreme Court Cases and Rulings on Abortion rights:

Roe v. Wade