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Education and Training

Not everyone is comfortable talking about sex, but our Education & Community Outreach Department provides wide-ranging education and training programs for individuals, families, organizations, and professionals throughout our service area.


Feelings, values, relationships, body-image, sexual orientation and behaviors all comprise your sexuality. Its a complicated thing. But the simple truth is that sexuality is a normal part of human development, one that begins at birth and continues throughout the life cycle.

At Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, we view sex and relationship education as a life-long need for new information at every stage of life. We've been working closely with women, men, and teensin the San Gabriel Valley community for over 75 years.

Leading Experts on human sexuality have helped us to develop a curriculum that is comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate. We also provide personalized trainings and consultation for staff at your location on any topic of sexuality. We'll work with you to design a program to meet your specific needs. Or if you prefer that we speak directly with the youth or adults you serve, we have outreach educators who specialize in classroom or small-group presentations.

Contact us to find out how we can help!

Education and Community Outreach: 626.794.5737


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Education and Training