Teaching comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention is now required by state law under the California Healthy Youth Act (Ed Code §§ 51930 – 51939). The law requires that public schools provide integrated, accurate and inclusive comprehensive sexual health education at least once in Middle School and once in High School. It must include the following: Information about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including transmission, FDA approved methods to prevent HIV and STIs, and treatment Information that abstinence is the only certain way to prevent unintended pregnancy and HIV and other STIs, and information about value of delaying sexual activity Discussion about social views of HIV and AIDS Information about accessing resources for sexual and reproductive health care Information about pregnancy, including FDA approved prevention methods, pregnancy outcomes, prenatal care, and the newborn safe surrender law Information about sexual orientation and gender, including the harm of negative gender stereotypes Information about healthy relationships and avoiding unhealthy behaviors and situations.

Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley offers teacher training and direct student education services that will help schools become compliant with the California Healthy Youth Act requirements. 

Facilitated by professional health educators, our programs are interactive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate. All workshops can be delivered in English or in Spanish.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, email us: [email protected] or call 626-794-5737 x144.

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