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After months of planning, the Reviving Radical gatherings occurred over several months beginning in fall of 2019.

Radical Imagination: Collective Memory 

A forum focused on reflection and reimagining reproductive health and well-being in communities of color  

Radical Love: For the Culture 

A forum focused on ancestral wisdom, cultural expression and exploration and reclamation of community care practices  

Radical Truth: Truth and Reckoning

A forum dedicated to dialogues, testimonies and community validation co-created with the Black Women’s Blueprint in partnership with Reviving Radical commissioners  

Radical Power: Transforming Pain into Power 

A forum dedicated to reflecting on testimonies, repair and restoration, and the creation of community mandates  


Our Approach

The organizers of the gatherings integrated an arts, culture, and dialogue approach to reckoning, collective care, community building strategies and reflected on organizational accountability for repair and transformation. We intentionally collaborated with artists, activists, community groups and partners across a spectrum of identities centering those disproportionately impacted by reproductive oppression.

Accessibility & Care

Our gatherings included real-time language translation, ASL interpretation, onsite child care and care captains that offered emotional support during dialogues and testimonies.  

What's Next?

As a result of holding the Reviving Radical gatherings, we have aimed to tell the full history of our relationship with communities of color, listen to the impact of our institutional legacy, publicly acknowledge the impact of our legacy on communities of color, commit to integrating racial equity practices in our health and program services, reforming organizational practices to be more accountable, and identify and implement restorative and transformational justice recommendations by centering community experience, knowledge, and solutions. 

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