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Reviving Radical is a framework to guide our affiliate’s journey as we reckon with Margaret Sanger’s support for eugenics and the harmful impact of that decision on women of color, people with disabilities and poor communities at the dawn of the birth control movement. Reviving Radical provides an organizational approach to listening, learning and transforming relationships within communities of color, and strives to center accountability for how Planned Parenthood of Greater New York shows up with and within communities of color.


Core Goals

  1. Acknowledging the impact of our organization’s legacy within communities of color
  2.  Identifying measurable action steps that arise from the community discussions
  3. Implementing and reporting on actions steps taken to be accountable to communities of color in our health services, programs and organizational practices
  4. Committing to continued restorative practice and transformation in the communities of color we serve

Community Mandates

During our gatherings we dialogued with communities and synthesized what we learned into Reviving Radical Community Mandates. As an organization, we are committing to the mandates listed below.


  1. Reckon with Planned Parenthood’s legacy and contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color 
    • Acknowledge past harm
    • Say sorry
    • Make it right—by never doing it again
  2. Divest from and dismantle white dominant organizational cultural norms/values
    • Commit to race equity practice
    • Eliminate unearned advantages
    • Track the data – tackle the problem
  3. Adopt individual and institutional practices that value people of color
    • Conduct race and gender justice training to transform organizational culture
    • Commit to continuous learning
    • Be accountable for missteps – make it right
  4. Center communities of color's voice, experience, and knowledge of self 
    • Listen to communities of color's experiences
    • Believe communities of color's experiences
    • Honor communities of color's truth in care and services
  5. Build accountable relationships with communities of color
    • Center the most marginalized or impacted people’s leadership
    • Trust and uplift community expertise and solutions
    • Learn when to follow, partner and lead

Reviving Radical Gatherings Background

Learn more about the events we have hosted and what's next.

Reviving Radical Commissioners

Commissioners helped guide the creation of the Reviving Radical Community mandates. The body of eight commissioners oversaw the Radical Truth: Truth and Reckoning proceedings during which each commissioner validated and framed the truth-tellers testimonies within our historical context, offered reproductive justice history and bared witness to testimonies and our organizational response and commitments.

Reviving Radical Commissioners were selected for their:   
●     Understanding of sexual and reproductive health history and oppression and Margaret Sanger’s legacy impact on communities of color;  
●      Commitment to reproductive justice, reproductive rights, racial justice, gender justice, LGBTQ and human rights;  
●     Ability to work in multi-cultural and diverse community to support reconciliation and healing;   
●     Organizing, scholarship or work experience that reflects a commitment to sexual and reproductive justice for communities of color.  

Reviving Radical commissioners serve as an accountability body ensuring organizational follow-through and implementation of the Reviving Radical Community Mandates.  The eight commissioners are:

  • Dr. Lynn Roberts
  • Aimée Thorne-Thomsen

  • Nia Eshu Martin-Robinson

  • Chanel Porchia-Albert

  • Pilar Herrero

  • Dr. Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH

  • Carmen Mojica

  • Cara Page

Follow the link for full bios.

Reviving Radical Partners

Black Women’s Blueprint  

Planned Parenthood Federation of America 

  • Black Organizing and Leadership 

  • Education 

The Scherman Foundation

Reviving Radical Initiatives

Patient and Community Experience 

Our work is focused on ensuring our all members of our community have access to high quality, culturally responsive sexual and reproductive health care programs and services. We are committed to improving overall patient and community experience and to eliminating gaps in access, delivery and outcomes due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. We will strengthen training to build the skills and will to deliver equitable care, and systems of accountability that utilize patient and community feedback to drive decision-making and service improvements.  

Language Justice

Language Justice is the fundamental right everyone has to communicate in the language in which they feel most comfortable. We commit to equality among languages, as well as a resistance to the dominance of any one language and creating spaces where communities are able to come together to bring their whole selves, their full perspectives, and experiences into the conversation across language difference. In the coming months we will issue language justice primes and best practices for the organization.  

Community Accountability Tracking & Progress

We believe fostering authentic and accountable community relationships is a critical component in our ability to provide equitable care and services. We will launch an ongoing public accountability mechanism to share regular updates on our progress as well as to engage and uplift community expertise and solutions. 

PPGNY commits to centering community and authentically engage by focusing on community priorities and up lifting and investing in community solutions. This involves attending events, supporting local businesses, joining task forces and coalitions, collaborating with stakeholders and residents while leveraging Planned Parenthood's name to build on shared goals. 

Digital Engagement & Archive

The necessary and ongoing work of Reviving Radical, including its origins, goals, and the people we collaborate with, will be shared through the Reviving Radical website, social media, and archival projects. We will document the people, activities, events and outcomes of Reviving Radical.  

Reproductive Justice, Arts & Culture

We will collaborate with artists, activists and cultural workers of color to co-create experiences that promote artistic expression and healing around reproductive health and justice issues. An example of this work includes hosting community gatherings to build awareness or care convenings that provide a space for folx to share experiences, exchange self-care practices and build community with each other.