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Who We Are

Planned Parenthood Arizona is the largest sexual health organization in Arizona. We serve more than 90,000 women, men, teens and parents through our health care, education, outreach and advocacy efforts. Planned Parenthood operates health centers statewide.

Our Mission 

Planned Parenthood Arizona promotes and protects every person’s freedom and right to enjoy sexual health and well-being, to make reproductive choices, and build healthy, strong families.

Annual Report & Newsletters

To view a copy of the Planned Parenthood Arizona 2014 - 2015 annual report, click here.

To view a copy of Planned Parenthood Arizona's Noticias, click here.

Health Centers

Planned Parenthood health centers are comfortable places to go for honest information and compassionate care. Services are convenient and affordable, and are covered by many insurance plans.

Among the services we offer are:

  • annual well women exams
  • birth control consultations and supplies
  • screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and reproductive cancers
  • vaccinations 
  • in-clinic abortion and abortion-by-pill
  • pregnancy testing and counseling
  • sexual health patient consultation
  • primary care

Improved health care for Arizona women is the target of a new partnership between Precision Trials, a leading local women's health research organization, and Planned Parenthood Arizona, the states largest nonprofit sexual health organization. The partnership allows Precision Trials to provide services, such as medical exams, tests and trials in birth control options and Human Papilloma Virus testing, to qualified candidates as part of its clinical research trial program.


Planned Parenthood offers unbiased, comprehensive programs for teens and parents – that convey accurate information from many different points of view – to increase positive health outcomes for young people.


Planned Parenthood has a tradition of protecting sexual health rights and defending the freedom of women. While we are firm in our positions and fierce in our arguments, we strive to always be respectful of all.

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Who We Are