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For more information about what we are doing to support policymakers who stand up for reproductive rights and sexual health and to check out our informative, thoughtful blog, visit Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

Register to Vote

As a registered voter, you are a decision-maker. But without taking this critical first step, you are losing the most powerful tool you have for creating change. To register to vote in Arizona, visit Service Arizona to register online. You can also visit the Arizona Secretary of State website for more details about Arizona voter registration.

Become an Early Voter & Vote in Every Election

Become a PERMANENT EARLY VOTER TODAY! Just click here, print out the form, complete and sign it, and mail it in. You will automatically receive an early ballot by mail for every election.

Many voters only vote in national elections, but state and local offices have direct influence over policies and practices that impact access to reproductive health care and sexuality education in schools. In off-year or primary elections, about 20% of registered voters actually vote, which gives enormous power to a handful of voters. Use Planned Parenthood as a resource to find out which offices are included in a particular election, who the candidates are, and their position on choice. Don't let a small majority of voters determine the fate of reproductive health care and sexuality education in Arizona.

Know Your Elected Officials

Many of us don't know the name of our mayor or even the Arizona governor but it's easy to find out who these people are - especially with the internet. As a voter, you want to know them and they want to know you! Visit the Arizona Government website to find your federal and state officials. For other offices, such as city council, county supervisor or school board, visit the Arizona Secretary of State website and find your county elections office.

Sign Up for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Network

Now that you've registered to vote and know who your elected officials are, you are ready to be an activist. Through the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Network, you can send timely messages to local, state and federal decision-makers about public policy that impacts sexual and reproductive freedom, and you will get updates on ways you can support Planned Parenthood in your community. Sign up here!


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Political Action