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Parents + Caregivers

Did you know that teens rate parents as having the most influence on their decisions about sex?

At the SHARE Institute we want to support the power parents have in their role as the primary sexuality educator of their children. We know that sometimes these conversations can be awkward, but it doesn't have to be. Sexuality is a natural, healthy, and lifelong aspect of being human and our workshops help parents and caregivers feel more at ease and confident in their critical role of helping their children make healthy, responsible decisions about sex, love, and relationships. 

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Browse descriptions below of our available presentations. We can accommodate groups of 10-40 participants.  Most workshops require 2 hours, although some can be adjusted depending on group needs. Spanish interpretation is available upon request and workshops may also be offered in Spanish upon request.  Please note we require a minimum of 3 weeks notice to schedule workshops.

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Being an Askable Parent

"Sex education at home?" Oh yes! This workshop helps parents and caregivers become familiar with sexual development throughout childhood, while examining their own values and attitudes about their role as the primary sex educator of their children. We give you the tools for a safe, supportive environment at home to effectively communicate your values and set limits.

Recommended length 2 hours.

The Early Years: The ABCs of Healthy Sex Development

Through lively discussion, amusing role-plays, and supportive teamwork, this workshop gives parents and caregivers of children (ages 2-8) an opportunity to learn skills to start these important conversations early. Positive, shame-free, early conversations help establish trust and comfort between parents and their children about sexuality.

Recommended length 2-4 hours can be multi-session

Families Talking Together (FTT)

Parents are a great resource for their kids on those "big" issues- navigating relationships and sexuality is no exception. FTT is an evidence-based intervention designed for parents and caregivers of youth ages 10-14 that helps young people delay sexual debut. Through the use of a family workbook, we teach parents effective communication skills, qualities of supportive parent-adolescent relationships, successful monitoring strategies, and adolescent refusal skills. The program is delivered in small groups.

Recommended length 2 hours.

Parent + Teen Movie Night: Talking About Tough Subjects

This workshop uses a dramatic video to highlight one family’s struggle to communicate effectively about dating, healthy relationships, and sexuality. Parents and teens attend together so they can start practicing these hard conversations now and learn how to better understand each other on these big subjects. The movie is in Spanish and English with alternating subtitles. Appropriate for youth ages 13+ and any and all caregivers.

Recommended length 2 hours.

Parent + Teen Night: How to Have "The Talk"

This highly interactive workshop provides parents and teens with an opportunity to feel more prepared for the "talk" by focusing on skills and knowledge to support future conversations about sex and sexuality. This is a more sex positive approach to human sexuality than just, "Don't get pregnant!" Although you will learn about how to reduce that risk, too. Parents and teens will learn key sexual health information in break-out sessions and then come back together and start a conversation about what they learned! Appropriate for youth ages 13+ and any and all caregivers.

Recommended length 2.5 hours.


Education by Planned Parenthood Arizona

Supporting Sexual Health and Responsible Education is at the heart of what we do.

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