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Our community presentations are offered to community groups or partner organizations that are looking for more information about various sexual health topics. Unless otherwise noted, these presentations are intended for at least a 7th grade audience, although the material can be tailored to meet the needs of the group. 

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Browse descriptions below of our available presentations. We can accommodate groups of 8 - 40 participants. We recommend at least an hour for a presentation, at a cost of $80/hour. Presentations can be offered in Spanish upon request. Please note we require a minimum of 3 weeks notice for all presentations. 

Get more info or set-up a presentation for your community by filling out our program request form OR contact [email protected]

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Birth Control Methods

Many people are curious about the types of birth control and how they work. This presentation gives an overview of the different types of birth control methods and helps participants identify what types will work best for them. People will also learn how to have the "safer sex" conversation with a partner.

Recommended length 1 hour minimum.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Understanding the risks of sexually transmitted infections is a part of everyone's sexual health and responsibility. Participants will learn the "what" and "how" of STIs & transmission, as well as ways to help keep themselves safe, and discuss next steps of how to address STIs with future partners.

Recommended length 1 hour minimum.

Navigating Healthy Relationships

Relationships are more than sex- feeling safe and respected is at the center of it all!  This presentation challenges participants to evaluate their own values and expectations while learning the qualities of supportive relationships.  Participants will learn about communication skills and boundary setting which will give them additional tools to evaluate their own personal relationships and identify red flags.

Recommended length 60-90 minutes. 


This presentation goes beyond defining consent and helps participants understand how it is the foundation to any healthy sexual interaction. Participants learn what consent looks like and how it is critical to sexual activity while practicing how to communicate around consent. This includes how to say "no," "yes," and how to hear and respect "no."

Recommended length 1 hour minimum.


Puberty comes with a lot of changes and this presentation sheds light on some of those changes. Participants learn about the wide range of "normal" physical and emotional changes that happen during this time. Information is gender-inclusive and highlights similarities and differences between the changes that happen in different bodies.

Recommended length 1 hour minimum. Recommended age group 4th grade - 6th grade.

Reproductive Systems (Anatomy)

The goal of this presentation is to help teens understand their body and the parts involved in sexual response and reproduction to better advocate for their health and make informed choices. Discussion includes the reproductive systems and genitals, while recognizing there is a wide range of "normal" anatomy. Also included are the main components of sexual response, how pregnancy happens, and the risks when having unprotected vaginal sex.

Recommended length 1 hour minimum. 


Have us over for a coffee chat! A cafecito is an opportunity to have a more personal and informal conversation with our educators at your house or community location, where participants discuss things like: how to support sexual education in their children's school, helping each other through the common struggles of being good sexuality educators for their children, and practice using some of the most accesible resources out there. Designed for a minimum of 5 people, maximum of 15. We provide the coffee and snacks, you provide the location and participants.

Recommended length 1.5 hours minimum.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

This presentation will give youth the ability to distinguish gender identity from sexual orientation. Everyone's identity is different, just like their body! Participants will learn how to describe their identities in language that feels most comfortable and suitable to them. They will also learn how to respect identities of those around them, and where to look for answers when they may have questions about gender and sexual orientation. 


Education by Planned Parenthood Arizona

Supporting Sexual Health and Responsible Education is at the heart of what we do.

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