PPCW receives $300,000 from Meyer Memorial Trust to support Electronic Health Records
We are excited to share news that Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded PPCW a $300,000 grant to help implement our transition to electronic health records (EHR).

PPCW is implementing an EHR system to improve the patient experience, streamline operations, and meet the changing requirements and best practices defined by health care reform. The ability to access complete patient information in real-time is considered best medical practice. The implementation of EHR is also vital to PPCW’s ability to bill third-party payers and secure timely reimbursement for health care services. Overall, PPCW’s move to EHR is essential to our ability to provide patient-centered care and continue to thrive as a health care provider in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The grant from Meyer Memorial Trust will play a crucial role in PPCW’s EHR project funding. Meyer Memorial Trust funds will specifically support costs associated with purchasing network and system infrastructure as well as computer hardware required to support the EHR implementation across our 10 health centers, including servers, new computers, and 165 workstations.

We look forward to implementing this transformative project in 2014, and thank Meyer Memorial Trust for their support.

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