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Sexuality Education & Training

Welcome to PPSFL's Sexuality Education & Training Department!

We provide programs, information, trainings, educational events, and many other resources for people in Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, and Tompkins counties.

All of our work is guided by a belief that sexuality is a natural part of life and...

"Sexual health...includes the ability to understand and weigh the risks, responsibilities, outcomes and impacts of sexual actions and to practice abstinence when appropriate. It includes freedom from sexual abuse and discrimination and the ability of individuals to integrate their sexuality into their lives, derive pleasure from it, and to reproduce if they so choose."

-Surgeon General David Satcher's
"Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior" (June, 2001)

We agree.

Healthy sexuality leads to a positive sense of self, appreciation of others, good communication, andsuccessful platonic and romantic relationships. At all ages, healthy sexuality includes our natural feelings about pleasure and desire.

A sexually healthy person:

  • Understands how gender roles and expectations, social norms, body image, family values, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, and peer expectations affect the expression of sexuality
  • Has skills to successfully navigate their own physical, emotional, and social development, critique media influence on their sexuality, make informed and intentional decisions, and effectively communicate
  • Lives in an environment that values and cultivates the diversity of healthy sexual expression
  • Needs support ,courage, and freedom to thrive

In order to make healthy sexuality the norm, our communities need to work together to lower rates of teen pregnancy, STDs, and abortion and increase knowledge, skills, and healthy choices.

Together we can make a difference!

Please give us a call!
Tompkins County - 607.216.0021
Chemung, Schuyler,and Steuben Counties - 607.734.3314 ext. 2212

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Sexuality Education & Training