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Time for Your Teen

Program Details

One of PPSENFL’s most important goals is to engage parents in the effort to help their children develop healthy, responsible attitudes and practices related to sex and reproduction. PPSENFL knows that parents and caregivers are the primary sexuality educators of their children. To grow into sexually healthy adults, young people need skills and information to help them delay sexual activity and to protect themselves when they do become sexually active.

Time For Your Teen builds parents’ and caregivers’ skills in promoting healthy behaviors and reduce risk-taking among their adolescent children, breaking communication barriers, engaging in confidential parent-child interactions and broaching sensitive topics that include their teen’s exploration of his/her sexual identity. We also provide youth sessions that are intended to provide families time to connect with each other and gain skills so they can have effective communication for handling difficult conversations surrounding sexual health and youth development.

Throughout the program, caregivers will develop their skills in/understanding of: (a) opening lines of communication with their child; (b) utilizing teachable moments; (c) new ways of communicating; (d) listening when discussing sensitive topics; (e) getting past roadblocks in talking about sex; and (f) helping youth make decisions about abstinence, contraception, and overall healthy relationships (romantic, peer, and trusted adults).

Teens will develop their skills in/understanding of: (a) communicating with their caregivers regarding their feelings surrounding sexual health topics; (b) understanding STI and pregnancy prevention strategies; (c) increase their decision-making skills to increase healthy behaviors.

Time for Your Teen is offered in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, in various community-based settings.