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Cost of Services

We're committed to affordable, high-quality care. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Exact pricing is determined after consultation and medical evaluation. 

  • Financial assistance and cost reduction programs are available.  If the cost of service is a barrier to receiving care, please let us know so we can discuss all financial options with you. We're here to support you!

If you qualify for state programs, financial aid, or income-based discounts your cost may be as low as $0

At the more affordable end of the cost spectrum is pricing that makes use of state-funded programs, insurances, or financial assistance. On the higher end you’ll find pricing for those who opt to make cash payments without involving any insurance or financial assistance.

Abortion Services
  • Abortion Pill (in-clinic or via telehealth): up to $685  

  • Abortion Procedure 

    • 0-11.6 weeks: up to $628

    • 12-15.6 weeks: up to $977 

    • 16+ weeks: up to $1,168 

Birth Control  
  • Consultation & Evaluation Visit Fee: up to $364 

Short-Acting Hormonal Methods:

  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill: up to $40
  • Pills (1 month supply): up to $31*  

  • Patch (1 month supply): up to $112*

  • Ring (1 month supply): up to $36*

  • Shot (1 injection, lasts 3 months): up to $60*

Long-Acting Hormonal Methods

  • Implant (insertion fee included): up to $966 

  • IUD (insertion fee included): up to $966 

*Consultation & evaluation visit fee required for office visits

Gender Affirming Care
  • Initial Visit & Lab Work: up to $262 
  • Injection Training Fee: up to $35 

  • Medications: up to $48 

  • Follow Up Visits & Lab Work: up to $202 per visit

Infection Evaluation & Treatment
  • Infection Evaluation: Up to $250 

Mental Health Services
  • Initial Counseling Session: up to $140
  • Ongoing Counseling Session: up to $85 
STD/STI Services
  • STI/STD testing: Up to $250 
  • Implant Removal: up to $280
  • IUD Removal: up to $280
  • Colposcopy: up to $280
  • LEEP: up to $800

Still have questions?

Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you in navigating all your options with over the phone.