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A Quick Overview of In-Clinic Abortion Procedures 

  • In-clinic abortion procedures are safe, simple medical procedures. 

  • We offer in-clinic abortions for 1st and 2nd trimester pregnancies. 

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Preparing for an appointment: 
  • Eat a meal before your appointment.    

  • Bring a photo ID.    

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes, and full-bottomed underwear.    

  • Ensure you have enough menstrual pads at home to last for at least two weeks of bleeding when you begin your abortion at home. 

  • If you have chosen conscious sedation for your procedure: You cannot drive yourself after the procedure. You must arrange transportation or have a companion pick you up after your appointment.   

  • If you have chosen local anesthesia only for your procedure: You may drive yourself after your appointment.  

What to expect during a visit:  
  • Expect to be at our health center for approximately 3-4 hours.   

  • An ultrasound will be performed to measure how far along you are in your pregnancy.   

  • A medical professional will ask your personal questions about your medical history, measure your vital signs, perform lab tests, explain the procedure, and discuss birth control options.    

  • A clinician will have you sign a consent form and will then perform the procedure.  Most abortion procedures use a suction that is done through the vagina to empty out the uterus. Nearly all procedures are completed in less than 15 minutes with most 1st trimester procedures completed in less than 5 minutes.   

  • After your procedure, staff will support you, record your vital signs, and review after-care instructions. 

What to expect after a visit:  
  • You should go home and rest after the procedure.   

  • You may have cramping and/or bleed on and off for up to four weeks after the procedure. 

  • You may still experience some pregnancy symptoms after your abortion. It can take a few weeks for the pregnancy hormone to completely leave your system.