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4 Steps to Answering Tough Questions 

Have you ever gotten a question from your child about puberty, periods, or another sexual health topic and not known what to say? Our four-step communication technique will help you respond to tricky questions. 

1. Normalize and validate the question.  For example, you can say: “That’s a really good question.” Use a warm tone of voice.

This step is helpful in reassuring your child that their question is normal.

2. Ask “What makes you ask this question today?” or “What do you think?”

This step helps you find out how much information your child already has and gives you a sense of their understanding and language about the topic, so that you can better answer their question.

3. Answer the question. Share accurate information and your values.

This step allows you to share correct information and values with your child. Children need information and values to guide them in developing sexually healthy attitudes. Parents play a really important role in sharing that information and instilling values in their children.

4. Check if they understand your answer. For example, you can say: “What do you think about my answer?” or “Does that answer your question?” 

This step helps you make sure that your child understood your answer and that your answer addressed what the child was really asking.