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You can access free services through the Family Planning Benefit Program!

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What is the Medicaid Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP)?

FPBP is a confidential Medicaid program that provides free Family Planning benefits to women and men of childbearing age with incomes up to 223% or below the federal poverty level.  This program is sponsored by the New York State Department of Health.

If you qualify, you will receive FREE birth control, STD testing, GYN exams and more!

If you don’t qualify for FPBP or decide not to apply, you may still be able to use PPNC’s free or low-cost services. Planned Parenthood of Nassau County will take care of you no matter what!


Do I qualify?

You MUST be a NYS resident in order for us to help you apply.  If you are a single person (with no children) applying on your own, you can earn about $27,084 a year or less and still qualify.  You can earn more if you have children or dependents.


Total # of Family Members

Monthly Gross Income

Annual Gross Income



















*This income level changes often, so call (516)858-4393 or email [email protected] for up to date values.


If I’m under 21, can I still apply on my own?

Yes. Adolescents (younger than 21 years of age) can apply for their program on their own.  Your eligibility will be based on your own income, not your parent/guardians’ income.  You do not need to bring in any information related to their income. Your application will be kept 100% confidential.  We have staff members who will walk you through the application process.


What if I have health insurance through my parents, spouse or partner, but I don’t want to use it? Can I still apply for FPBP?

Depends.  If you have commercial health insurance (i.e., 1199, GHI, Aetna, Oxford, etc.) through your parents or spouse or partner, or if you have Child Health Plus, but do not want to use it for confidentiality reasons, you can still apply for FPBP.


Call (516) 858-4393 or email [email protected] to make an appointment with one of our Entitlement Counselors to discuss this option.


What’s covered?

  • All types of FDA approved birth control including IUD’s, Implants, Depo, Pills, and others
  • Emergency contraception (the “morning-after” pill) and follow-up
  • GYN exams, including Pap tests
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling*
  • Sterilization
  • STD testing, counseling, and treatment*
  • HIV counseling and testing*
  • Colposcopy, cryotherapy, and LEEP*

*when part of a family planning visit


You will not have to pay when you go to the pharmacy for your birth control prescriptions – including the Patch – as long as the pharmacy accepts Medicaid.


What’s not covered?

Abortion services and pregnancy services are NOT covered under this program. Other services that are not family planning-related, such as mammograms, primary care or dental care, are also not covered under FPBP.


How do I get it?

Call (516) 858-4393 or [email protected] and we will help determine which of our three locations are most convenient for you.  At your appointment, we will walk you through the application and determine if you qualify.

IMPORTANT: You will need to bring the documents listed below to your appointment so that we can help you apply.  Without all of these documents, you may not qualify for same day free services.  If you are unsure about obtaining all of these documents, call us for assistance at (516)858-4393 or email [email protected].


1. Proof of citizenship (BRING ONE)

You must bring your Social Security number. If you were born outside of the U.S., please provide the following applicable documents in addition to your social security number:

  1. Original U.S. Passport, or

  2. Original Naturalization Certificate (Front & back), or

  3. Original INS Form - “Green” Card, or

  4. Original Employment Authorization Card, or 

  5. Original Cultural Exchange Visa


2. Photo ID (BRING ONE)

  1. Driver’s license, or

  2. Passport, or

  3. School ID, or

  4. Other official photo ID



  1. Driver’s license (issued within past 6 months)

  2. Lease agreement

  3. Current bill (utility, phone, credit card)

  4. Postmarked envelope or magazine subscription (no peel off stickers) addressed to you


4. Proof of recent, monthly income (BRING ALL THAT PROVIDE INCOME FOR YOU)

  1. One month’s worth of most recent, consecutive pay stubs

  2. Unemployment or Social Security weekly payment history

  3. Letter from employer

  4. Letter of support from family member

  5. If you were employed anywhere else within the past  nine months, provide a detailed letter that includes the company, name, last day of employment and before-tax wages