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Medicaid & Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid Managed Care Agreements

• Aetna Better Health

• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

• Community Care Alliance

• County Care

• Family Health Network

• Harmony Health Plan

• Health Care and Family Services

• Health Spring

• Humana

• IlliniCare Health Plan

• Meridian Health Plan

• Molina Healthcare

If you have active Medicaid coverage, Planned Parenthood of Illinois will bill Medicaid on your behalf. If other insurance coverage is also available, Medicaid will not pay until the other insurer has paid or denied payment. Therefore, it is important that you keep us informed about other insurance policies even if you have Medicaid.

If you are a dependent, you may have active coverage under a parent’s policy or spouse’s. If this is the case, understand that Medicaid will deny the claim and will forward the necessary policy information found in their system for Planned Parenthood of Illinois to bill first. It is your responsibility to notify us promptly if you wish for the primary insurance not to be billed. We will be happy to work out a payment plan for you.

Medicaid will not send an Explanation of Benefit (EOB), a statement of services provided on a particular day, regarding your services. However, they may send charges to an insurance company which will send an EOB to the primary cardholder.

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Medicaid & Medicaid Managed Care