Planned Parenthood

Columbia Willamette

PPCW 50 Year Timeline


Please take time to explore a presentation of the timeline

PPCW proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. To commemorate this milestone, a team of local illustrators and designers created a 50th anniversary timeline poster set. 

Art Direction provided by:
Kristin Rogers Brown
Alex Dovelin
Caroline O'Grady

Illustrations provided by: 
(listed in order of poster sequence)
Samantha Mash (www.samanthamash.com)
Kinoko (www.kinokogallery.com)
Mia Nolting (www.mianolting.com)
Alex Dovelin (xxdovelin.com)
Ebin Lee
Ona Pitschka
Kayla Mayer 
Caroline O'Grady (www.carolineogrady.com)
Ryan Bubnis (www.ryanbubnis.com)
Shaleigh Westphall


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PPCW 50 Year Timeline