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Using the ring is easy: just insert NuvaRing into your vagina once a month. You can choose to get periods every month or you can skip them — it’s totally up to you.

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How do I insert NuvaRing?

It’s easy to learn how to insert NuvaRing: First, be sure the ring hasn’t expired (the expiration date will be on the package). Wash your hands with soap and water, then squeeze the sides of the ring together with your fingers and gently push it into your vagina. Don’t worry about the exact placement — if you can’t feel it when you’re walking around, it’s in right.

When it’s time to take out your NuvaRing, just hook your finger through the ring and gently pull it out of your vagina. (You don’t have to take it out during sex or any other kind of physical activity.)

Once you’ve taken out your ring, put it in its foil wrapper (or wrap it in toilet paper) and throw it in the trash. (You’ll be helping out the environment if you use the foil wrapper because it helps keep whatever hormones are left in the ring from getting into the soil and water.) Don’t flush it down the toilet.

How do I use NuvaRing if I want to get periods?

If you want to get your period when you’re using the NuvaRing, put a new ring in and keep it there for 3 weeks. Then take it out for the next week — that’s when you’ll get your period. After 7 ring-free days, put in a new ring.

It’s okay if you’re still bleeding or spotting when you put in a new ring — that’s normal. You can safely use tampons and pads while wearing a NuvaRing (just be careful if you pull the ring out when you remove tampons). But don’t use menstrual cups with NuvaRing.

Take out your old ring and put a new one in on the same day of the week every time. For example, if you put a new ring in on a Sunday, take it out three weeks later on a Sunday. Then put a new ring in 7 days later on the following Sunday. So your “removal day” and “new ring day” will always be a Sunday.

How do I use NuvaRing to skip my period?

Skipping your period with NuvaRing is super easy. Basically you make sure you have a ring in everyday throughout the month. You can do this two ways:

  • You can pick a date and always change your ring on that date. For example, if you put your first ring in on the 5th of the month, you always change your ring on the 5th of every month. (It’s ok that some months are a few days longer than others.)

  • You can wear the ring for 4 weeks (28 days) straight, then take it out and put a new one in. So if you put your first ring in on a Monday, you will always change it every four weeks on Monday.

You may have some bleeding or spotting for the first six months when you use the ring to skip your period. It’s totally normal and should go away eventually.

There’s nothing dangerous or harmful about using NuvaRing to skip your period. And it comes in really handy if you want a special occasion (like a vacation or a hot date) to be period-free.

Do I have to take NuvaRing out during sex?

Nope. In fact, it’s best to leave the ring in your vagina as much as possible. NuvaRing is designed to be worn all the time, including during sex. If it bothers you or your partner, move the ring around until it feels comfortable.

If you do take the ring out during sex, rinse it in cool water and put it back in when you’re done. Just make sure you don’t forget to put it back in. If you leave it out for more than 2 days you won’t be protected from pregnancy.

What do I do if I want to get pregnant?

If you decide you want to get pregnant, just take your ring out and toss it. That’s it; you’re ready to try to get pregnant.

It may take your period a couple of months to go back to the cycle you had before you started using the ring. But even if you don’t have your period yet, you might still get pregnant.

How should I store my rings?

Store your rings at room temperature away from direct sunlight for up to 4 months (16 weeks). If you have rings left over after 4 months, put them in the refrigerator. Read the storage instructions on the package, and always check the expiration date before inserting a new ring.

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The Ring

  • 91% effective

  • Costs up to $200, but can be $0

  • Prescription required

  • Change it once a month

The ring doesn’t protect you from STDs. Use a condom with your ring to help stop pregnancy and STDs.
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